Becoming like Deep Water

If you have followed me for a while, you will know that one of my favourite places to be, is by the Ocean…to hear the rhythmic sound of the waves, or to watch the motion of God’s creation come crashing into the shore, is breathtakingly beautiful, to me

But one of the experiences I will never forget, was when my Husband and I went snorkelling, in Egypt. Again, the coral reef and the marine life were stunning, but I remember distinctly being under the water with the sound of life, as I know it, becoming quieter and muffled, only to cease to exist the deeper I went under, and I felt so peaceful.

This Scripture in Proverbs bought back to life that experience, this morning…

Scripture has the power to muffle out the noise in our world. We can become so consumed with events around us, but the deeper we go into the Word of God, the quieter life, and the enemy’s distractions become.

The ocean is a force that will never run dry, and therefore, we need to meditate it on day and night because wisdom from Scripture brings knowledge and understanding.

Wise words can mean that we no longer need to make noise because we understand God in all circumstances, we become content in all seasons, but most importantly, even when we are in the desert, we never run dry.

Those are the days, where we draw from the Scriptures that have been written onto the very depths of our hearts, and just like that day in Egypt, you find peace.

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