I find it amazing that I can go months feeling empowered by Gods grace and love and then the enemy stakes a sideswipe and he gets in my head. One circumstance. One situation can take you away from Jesus and then…God reminded me of this verse today.

Gods love doesn’t make sense to us because it’s hard to comprehend that Jesus died for everyone, to show just how far God would go, to bring us back to Him. 

Yet we still cling onto guilt, shame, rejection, offence etc. when Jesus freed us from all those things…and more.

I pray that you remind yourself today, that you ARE free. Jesus took away all the condemnation at the cross – so walk towards God. Accept His love and show the World truly how amazing God is; through breakthrough and redemption of not only yourself but of the circumstances, that keep holding you back!

Many times in my life, I have been waiting for a specific thing to happen. There are times where God has performed the miracle needed and other times nothing has happened.

One thing God desires, is for our minds to be focused on truth. What would Jesus do, in the situations that we face…

Pray? Fast? Or dare I say it…Wait? 

Renewing our mind and being transformed in Gods likeness, is not for Gods benefit but ours! 

Sometimes we want to help others, in order that they can move forward in life but the wait is ultimately where we are shaped and molded. 

The trials we face, could be Gods actual will for us because that is where we draw closer to Him. That is where we receive the breakthrough needed to transform us into Gods warriors.

Something changes in me when I let the spirit take over my prayers. It becomes more about what God wants to see in my life and the World around me.

When I allow God to be my guide, supernatural power is released to move the biggest of obstacles. 

Nothing is impossible, if we pray in His strength and wisdom: He moves our hearts and directs our steps.


We all have “stuff” in our lives that we wish “could” be different. For instance – the choices we made. The things we bought. The people we hurt (to name a few). Born into a “fallen World” – our very nature goes against God. We want to please ourselves, rather that of our Heavenly Creator – who asks us to love each other, as He loves us.

I can remember as an unbeliever saying, “I’d rather go to Hell…Heaven sounded boring…Hell is where the party will be at”. I was blinded in life, to only, getting what I wanted – no matter what the cost.

David paid the price for what he wanted. It cost him his new born Son and his other Family, after he took what wasn’t his. Psalm 51 reminds me that there is always a cost, for going against what we know is the right thing to do.

Like David; we need to ask God to cleanse us. When we renew our minds and allow God into our lives; He creates a pure heart from within, so that we can leave the old behind. We might never be able to change the past but I love that the future is certain, with Christ, when He is the centre of all.

We can easily forget what Jesus did for us on the cross. In our lifetime, the World will try to focus you on the desires all around us – which will ultimately take us away from our relationship with God. 

No matter what you are going through; the choices you have made – the Father wants you to come to Him, through Jesus.

Do not think that you can’t talk to God. That you have done to much to be welcomed back into the Father’s arms. Think of the Prodigal Son – shame kept the Son from coming home but when the Father saw his Son, He ran to him with open arms!

We were forgiven before time even began…God has predestined all of us to be with Him in Heaven but it is our own stubbornness; our reluctance to admit that we need help, that stops us being welcomed into the arms, of our eternal Dad.

He loves you more than you can ever imagine – he died for you.

You are forgiven 


I used to watch TV shows growing up, such as “She-ra” and look at those characters in awe of how brave and fearless they were. Fast forward a few decades and now my Heroines are more like Esther or Deborah, (to name a few) from the Bible.

We all have a desire to be fearless and yet when I look at others I admire; those people seem to overcome fear and be courageous in the situations they face.  At the time, I imagine Esther or maybe even Deborah having a few thoughts, just before life changing events occurred of “what if” but hindsight is a great thing; especially since I can read what the Bible says, regarding these people and how God used them to change Nations.

This Psalm is beautiful because it shows that fearing God more, than fearing anything in this life, brings a peace. To trust God completely to take care of us, in all situations, shows that we can conquer our fears  – even of death.

God is the Lord Almighty and I respect and love Him as my Heavenly Father but as an all-knowing; all-powerful God – I know that it is on the basis of my faith, that I can rest secure in Him. Knowing that His promises never to fail me and as long as I continue to trust in Him – I will be the heroine in my World.

This time of year always brings a fresh perspective of what Christ has done for us. 

A reminder to me, that I need Him, daily.

He is my saviour. He is my one true King. He is the Alpha and Omega. There is no one like Him and I thank God every day, that He died for me because if He hadn’t – I can’t imagine where my life would be today.

This is a really challenging verse for me and one that I wrestle with, on and off – even now.

We all crave to be accepted. To be liked. We want a relationship with others. There is a God-given desire to be loved throughout our lifetime but (for myself especially) I found my focus became to be accepted by social media. To be liked by my peers. To be noticed in this World.

God challenged me, by asking “why”. Why was I thinking this way?

God sent Jesus to this Earth, in order for me to receive the love of the Father. To bring me into a relationship with the living God. For me to know that I am accepted – no matter what this World says. That even if I was the only person in this World, Jesus would have still given His life for Me.

God has created us all for a specific purpose. Whether we fulfill that, should be an afterthought because the main reason we were created, is relationship. Your desire to fulfill your hopes and dreams from God, should come from the love, for Him.

I have learnt, that even if God tells me that I will change the World; my main focus is that I live for Him. To know Him. To draw close to Him because that is the reason why, He ultimately died for me.

“If God is for you, who can be against you?” Romans 8:31

Have a blessed Easter.

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