Proverbs Challenge (Day 5)

It’s Day 5 of the Proverbs Challenge, and therefore, you’ve guessed it, today, we are reading chapter 5

I love that this chapter is a warning against adultery. Solomon doesn’t hold back when he talks through this topic, and as you read through this, I pray that you will understand ”why” on a deeper level. But, the verse that I reflected on was Proverbs 5:15:

“Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well.”

Proverbs 5:15

My thoughts: This verse is a picture of faithfulness within marriage because this verse means that we should enjoy, only, the person God intended us to be with

When I think of the desert, then water is one of, if not the most, precious things we can have, and therefore, a water well would be a family’s ”prized” possession

The same would have been back in Old Testament times because it was a crime to steal water from another person’s well

Therefore, both these scenarios can help paint a picture regarding ”stealing” another person’s husband or wife and understanding the value of marriage

My reflection: In contrast to what we read, hear, or see today, Proverbs 5 urges couples to simply look to each other, instead of always thinking that the grass is greener. This then shows how much God places on marriage, and how He can guide us to give ourselves, entirely, to not only Him but to each other

As someone who has witnessed firsthand the effects of destruction adultery can have on relationships, and families, we need to understand that God sanctified marriage to be in a covenant, and therefore, it is only within this relationship that true love and fulfilment will be found

What has Proverbs 5 shown you today?

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