The Dreams that God gives

I believe we all have big dreams inside of us, simply because we have a relationship with a big God

Also, the dreams inside of us are not meant to be done in our strength, so I’m talking about the dreams that ”scare” you (currently) to pursue them

Or maybe you have worked through the ”no” stage with God (where, like me, God gave you a vision, and you just say no to it) but now the visions that God has given, excite you because you have finally accepted that these can be apart of your journey, yet, you aren’t sure which way to turn

I believe wholeheartedly that if God has put you on this earth, then He has a big dream for you. This looks different to each of us because we are all unique and purposed for greatness in our journey. For some, greatness will be between God and yourself. For others, God will give you a world stage, but whatever our ”call” the process is the same:

Do we trust God enough to see these dreams through?

For me, I can still struggle with what God has shown me and the things to come. Only last week did I speak to others about it. Yet my instant go-to before I spoke a word, was that these people would either judge me or shut me down (because of past experiences)

Yet, the Holy Spirit simply said to me, ”speak” and therefore, I have found that in God-relationships these are built on a foundation of love, grace, and encouragement, and thus, part of your journey will be letting people in, to walk with you. It doesn’t mean that every Christian is to be apart of helping you, but when God says to speak, we need to trust Him, and believe, that He will never fail you

Friends, this is a life of vulnerability. Are we going to trust the One who created us into being, and called our purpose out before the beginning of time. Or like so many, will we wilt back into the shadows, afraid of the possible failure within our lifetime

My absolute fear in life is to get to Heaven and realised that if I had just stepped-out just that little bit more then God’s plan would have been ”X”

Nope…not me…I’m all in…even if it means risking failure because I have realised that there is no such thing as failure, as if God ordained it, then it becomes merely a life lesson

So, I encourage you to think about this today. What dreams are you holding back?

“trust your lives to the God who created you, for he will never fail you.”

1 Peter 4:19

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Rebecca Brand

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