The Warm and Fuzzies

Can you remember the first time you fell in love?

I don’t mean when you were twelve, and you developed a crush, but more, the time when it seemed like there’s only the two of you in a room full of people. Or, when you want time to stand still, as you talk about your hopes and dreams together.

When you’re in love, life just seems that little bit better, a little bit richer. You see life clearer, or maybe in technicolour.

Do you remember the ”warm and fuzzies” you get every time you think of that person? Or, when your heart skips a beat the moment, you see them? It’s because everything is new and exciting, and you want that feeling to last forever.

Even after twelve years, the love for Kieren, my Husband, has deepened, strengthened, and become more intimate, as we have journeyed through life together.

Yet, when I think of Christ’s love – true love, it’s sacrificial, it shows that we need to put others before ourselves and forgive each other when issues occur. Yet, the thing that I feel we forget most to do, is to renew our love for one another, every day

Love is a choice.

We choose whether we are going to love each other, or not. We determine whether we forgive. We decide whether we put others first.

I want to get the ”warm and fuzzies” over Christ, daily.

I want to remember that God’s mercies are new each morning.

I want to remember to transform my mind into becoming more like Christ, and less like me, because then each day I will be filled with ”technicolour” as I see the world as God intended.

Therefore, let’s remember to fall in love with God (and each other) all over again – let’s make everything new – and then tomorrow, let’s do it again.

”This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

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Rebecca Brand

My hearts desire is for everyone to have an intimate relationship with Christ. To hear the voice of God and to experience His presence. Also, to help disciple others to discover their purpose within the body of Christ - through the power of the Holy Spirit.

My God-given dream is to break down barriers within life and the Church as a whole to strengthen and develop relationships within every denomination and bring unity - so that we will collectively raise up together and fulfil the Great Commission, within this lifetime.

I am living proof that no matter what your past was or whatever your life has become - God will use you to fulfil what He created you to do, when you step out in obedience and faith.

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