Teach me

Who else loves the book of Job?

There are SO MANY nuggets of truth and wisdom packed amongst it all, with regards to what we face in life.

Suffering is one of the taboo subjects that we never want for ourselves and yet, it is inevitable until Jesus returns.

This verse is a beautiful reflection of Job’s heart.

Even amongst the pain, the humiliation, and the anguish, we read throughout the pages, that Job still has a teachable Spirit…still asks God for direction…and still wants God in his life.

Lord, I pray that you’ll be able to teach me what I do not know. I pray that I will always remain humble throughout, so that you can bring me to the other side and Father, I also pray Lord, that I will continue to turn to You for understanding, endurance, and deliverance, no matter what I am faced with!

So what’s the biggest lesson (for me) from the book of Job…

Keep going

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