You are in Gods thoughts…

My Family and I were at the beach today and I took a moment to snapshot (in my mind) the beauty of the waves rolling in; listening to the birds and to notice all the different shells on the sand. Then I looked down to see the sand glistening in the sun and God reminded me of this verse.

I started to praise God and as I spoke the words on my heart, I became in awe of the very World that we live in – that God simply “spoke” into being because I can not comprehend the magnificence of our Creator!

When I read the scriptures, I hear time and time again of the one whom is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-seeing but yet we know Him as a loving, gracious and merciful Father.

Gods greatest gift to us is to allow us to know Him and I love that the infinite mind of God, should think so many thoughts of each and everyone of us.

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