Why loving God is easy

I have noticed that when I am in relationship with God, there is no burden to serve Him or keep His commandments, because of the love I have for my saviour.


You do not need new revelation…

I really feel that some of us are seeking God for new revelation of your spiritual gifting but this scripture today, reminded me that you do not need this. Paul encouraged Timothy to persevere.

Timothy didn’t actually need new revelation or even new gifts; he needed the courage and self-discipline to hang onto the truth of Gods word and to use the gifting he had already received. Timothy stepped out boldly in faith and proclaimed the gospel. From that, the Holy Spirit went with him and gave Timothy the power to do mighty things for Christ.

Take encouragement from this; when you use the gifts God has already given you, you will find that God will give you what you need to achieve what He is asking of you but you must be bold and trust God.

Before the new…


Isaiah 62:2 “The nations will see your righteousness. World leaders will be blinded by your glory. And you will be given a new name by the LORD’s own mouth.”

With the New Year setting in Kieren, Sarai and myself are getting ready to leave loved ones within the UK and return to New Zealand, so this will be my last post until we get home.

I pray that 2018 will be a year which will see you step out in faith with what God has placed on your heart. A year that will see breakthrough, healing and miracles where needed and whatever you are believing for, I pray that if Gods will, it will be done.

I see a lot of people looking towards the New Year as a new beginning because they think it will change their circumstances but we need to remember that our hope can only be found in Jesus Christ. He has the ability to move our mountains; to bring you out of the lions den and to part the sea in front of us.

There will come a time where the nations will see who God really is and we will be glorified for our faithfulness. But until then, fix your eyes on the one who is to come because He will make all things new.

Happy New Year!!

Who do you turn to?

In times of hardship do you turn to God or other people to bring you through?

When you trust God for all your needs, He blesses our obedience beyond measure but it’s having that faith to step out, when others can’t see past the mess.

Are you drowning?

Do your troubles, like “deep waters”, feel like you are drowning?

David at this time, was helpless and weak but he knew that God alone had rescued him from his enemies when defenceless.

When you wish that God would quickly release you from your troubles, remember that He will either deliver you or support you through them (Psalm 18:18) but either way, his protection is best for you.

When you feel like you are drowning in your troubles, ask God to help you, hold you steady, and protect you.

In His care – you are NEVER helpless.

Why seeing is not believing…

Some of us think that if we only saw a miracle or a definite sign, then they would believe in Jesus. But Jesus says in John 20:29 that we are blessed if we believe without seeing!

We all have the proof needed in the words written within the Bible or the testimony of existing believers or even in the world around us. Therefore, do you think that a physical appearance would make Jesus any more real to us, than He already is now?

We are called to live by faith and not be sight. Faith is in the things that we know, regarding the hope of what is to come.

Thomas wanted Jesus’ physical presence but Gods plan is wiser. He does not limit himself to one physical body because He wants to be present with you and all believers, at all times.

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