Don’t forget what Jesus has done…

We can easily forget what Jesus did for us on the cross. In our lifetime, the World will try to focus you on the desires all around us – which will ultimately take us away from our relationship with God. 

No matter what you are going through; the choices you have made – the Father wants you to come to Him, through Jesus.

Do not think that you can’t talk to God. That you have done to much to be welcomed back into the Father’s arms. Think of the Prodigal Son – shame kept the Son from coming home but when the Father saw his Son, He ran to him with open arms!

We were forgiven before time even began…God has predestined all of us to be with Him in Heaven but it is our own stubbornness; our reluctance to admit that we need help, that stops us being welcomed into the arms, of our eternal Dad.

He loves you more than you can ever imagine – he died for you.

You are forgiven 

Why, you are the hero…


I used to watch TV shows growing up, such as “She-ra” and look at those characters in awe of how brave and fearless they were. Fast forward a few decades and now my Heroines are more like Esther or Deborah, (to name a few) from the Bible.

We all have a desire to be fearless and yet when I look at others I admire; those people seem to overcome fear and be courageous in the situations they face.  At the time, I imagine Esther or maybe even Deborah having a few thoughts, just before life changing events occurred of “what if” but hindsight is a great thing; especially since I can read what the Bible says, regarding these people and how God used them to change Nations.

This Psalm is beautiful because it shows that fearing God more, than fearing anything in this life, brings a peace. To trust God completely to take care of us, in all situations, shows that we can conquer our fears  – even of death.

God is the Lord Almighty and I respect and love Him as my Heavenly Father but as an all-knowing; all-powerful God – I know that it is on the basis of my faith, that I can rest secure in Him. Knowing that His promises never to fail me and as long as I continue to trust in Him – I will be the heroine in my World.

What Easter reminds me…

This time of year always brings a fresh perspective of what Christ has done for us. 

A reminder to me, that I need Him, daily.

He is my saviour. He is my one true King. He is the Alpha and Omega. There is no one like Him and I thank God every day, that He died for me because if He hadn’t – I can’t imagine where my life would be today.

Is it them or God?

This is a really challenging verse for me and one that I wrestle with, on and off – even now.

We all crave to be accepted. To be liked. We want a relationship with others. There is a God-given desire to be loved throughout our lifetime but (for myself especially) I found my focus became to be accepted by social media. To be liked by my peers. To be noticed in this World.

God challenged me, by asking “why”. Why was I thinking this way?

God sent Jesus to this Earth, in order for me to receive the love of the Father. To bring me into a relationship with the living God. For me to know that I am accepted – no matter what this World says. That even if I was the only person in this World, Jesus would have still given His life for Me.

God has created us all for a specific purpose. Whether we fulfill that, should be an afterthought because the main reason we were created, is relationship. Your desire to fulfill your hopes and dreams from God, should come from the love, for Him.

I have learnt, that even if God tells me that I will change the World; my main focus is that I live for Him. To know Him. To draw close to Him because that is the reason why, He ultimately died for me.

“If God is for you, who can be against you?” Romans 8:31

Have a blessed Easter.

We are…


Reading 1 Peter 2:9-10 this morning, really spoke to my heart. I think we can go through life with the feeling that the whole World is on our shoulders BUT that is what the enemy still wants us to believe.

It is a lie. In truth, we are chosen…

God knew each of us before we were formed in our Mothers womb. He has written all our days in His book. We were created with a purpose for a purpose. We are chosen.

We have the ability to change someone’s World forever by telling of Gods goodness. By showing people what God has done for each and every one of our lives.

We are co-heirs with Christ. Which means we are Adopted. Accepted. Healed and Restored.

God wants to Redeem us, Honour us, Bless us but most of all – to Love us.

We are all chosen. The difference is – will you allow God into your life, to show you exactly who He has created you to be?

Take the advice…

A lot of us struggle to take advice but the bible says that wisdom is gained by knowledge and understanding.

As much as we struggle to admit we need help – we don’t know everything and therefore if someone offers you sound biblical advice in the amidst of your chaos – take it. You will be become wiser in the long run!

The Waiting Game

Trusting that Gods timing is perfect, can be frustrating, especially if you are impatient like me (although I have grown in this area over the years!!)

However, when I take my fears, my worries and burdens to Him through prayer, I am strengthened because it is through those times, that I feel His love and grace pouring into my life. 

I have grown to depend on Jesus in my life because it is in those moments that I feel closest to God and that means, I am at my strongest in faith, to receive the breakthrough needed and move the “mountains” in my World

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