You are not alone

To recognise the presence of the Lord, in every situation is my desire for every believer.

Why at times do we then, feel so alone?

When you understand that our God is omnipresent – it means that you are aware that He is everywhere and in every “now” that we face.

Therefore, we can be assured that we are never alone, because God is always with us.

The anchor of our soul


Our suffering can be in the calmest waters. To others, everything seems fine but it’s the inner turmoil that brings the greatest storms and that’s when Hebrews 6:19 came to my mind this morning.

God will never let you down and the gospel is our hope and our anchor in the storms of this world. God secures you to His firm foundation and with Jesus as the cornerstone of your faith, you will be secure in knowing that you are a child of God and once that battle is won, you will never look at a storm in the same way.

Sin is equal

It can be very easy to look at other people and pass judgment on their behaviour, but we need to remember that no one is perfect. 

That includes you and I. 

Abide in Him

As long as you remain in Him, Jesus will sustain you throughout your life

Why we can trust in God…

David expresses his trust in God throughout this prayer (verse 7:18-29). Describing himself as a “servant of God” and realising that, it is God who has done everything for him. David begged God to keep the great promises He had made – from a shepherd to his anointing as King.

We need to keep our faith that God will come through for us, in whatever need we have but never forget that you serve God first and therefore, at all times, we should live to bring glory to His name.


A humble community 

It seems, in today’s World that someone always has an opinion about another but in this verse Paul deals with community life.

There is no place for pride in Christianity as we belong to one another like different parts of the same body.

We need to remember that we each contribute our gifts (whether that’s speaking God’s word, serving, teaching, encouraging or caring etc.) but these are Gods gifts to us for one another.

Therefore, instead of pride there should be faith, humility, generosity, hard work and maybe even good humour!

Your past doesn’t define you

For so many years, I thought “this is it.” I had made so many mistakes and I was continually living the consequences of my choices.

However, we serve a God whom is bigger than any mistake you have made, and when I stepped out beyond my doubt and self-pity – I found that what lay ahead, was my purpose.

Your past doesn’t define you, only God should.

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