Why everyone is important…

There is so much pain in this World….Murder…Rape…Abuse…Starvation…to name a few things but this was not how God intended the World to be. I have heard Christian’s blame “Adam and Eve”; along with unbelievers say, “if God was real, then He would…” but the simple fact remains, that we all have a choice to make the right decision (whether we know Jesus or not) as there is a moral code in life – which most follow.

We were all predestined to be with God in Heaven. We were all fearfully and wonderfully made and God knew us before we were even born. He sent Jesus to be our Lord and Saviour and God loves each and everyone of us, that He doesn’t want anyone to perish. 

I dream, of the World that God created and pray, that “His Kingdom come, His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven” – imagine if every Christian prayed for this? Imagine if the great commission was fulfilled with everyone believing that Jesus died and rose again? Imagine if God turned to you and said “well done, good and faithful servant”.

So why is everyone important?

Because God loves them


Life’s Path…

We are all on the path of “life” together. Some of us “seem” to have it all figured out; whilst others struggle to make day-by-day choices.

The enemy never tells us the disadvantages of sin and yet we know that he “comes to steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10). If you look at Satan’s conversation with Eve; he was encouraging her to sin by telling her the benefits while denying its consequences (Genesis 3:4-5). 

Proverbs repeats time after time that wisdom is knowledge with understanding; so if we strip that back – knowledge is nothing more than raw facts but with understanding, comes wisdom and that is the ability to understand things, as God sees them.

Proverbs also tells us (and repeats it) that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (1:7; 9:10). Believers are not to be scared of God, as we have His promise that nothing can separate us from His love (Romans 8:38-39). We have His promise that He will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). However, fearing God means having such a reverence for Him that it has a great impact on the way we live our lives. The fear of God is respecting Him, obeying Him and worshipping Him as Yahweh. (I know that I want to please Him because of who He is – the creator of the Universe!!)

So the next time there is a decision to make…take it to God and bring it up against His Word, because I don’t think anyone would of thought that a bite of an apple, could bring so much devastation. If Satan can deceive Adam and Eve, who had never known “sin” or heartache from this World; how much easier is it for Satan to lead us away from God?

Why getting angry could mean something else…

Anger is called a “secondary emotion” because it basically replaces the feelings we are actually trying to cover up.

There was a time when I was very angry. Angry at myself, angry at people in my World and even angry at the whole World…this led to depression and eventually thoughts of hopelessness, that everyone was better off without me.

Then I found God. 

Some of my loved ones thought it was a cliche but after 11 years, no one can deny the impact and change in my life.

When you start to delve into WHY you get angry…it can make you feel vulnerable and most certainly emotional but it was the best thing that I have ever done. 

One of my favourite things to talk about now is “expectations”. Ones that you have of others and those that others have of you. 

The truth is that expectations are met with pain because no one will ever meet them – regardless of who they are. We always have grand ideas of what the “ideal” should be in our lives – the truth is…the World is broken and therefore the ONLY one we should look to – is God.

He is the unmovable, unchanging, all powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing and eternal God. He always was and always will be, a loving Father, that created you for far more than this World can imagine. There is not one person that God created, that He does not love and want to have a relationship with and so, if you are living in a hopeless situation; one where anger drives you; that you feel the World owes you because of “stuff” that has happened – Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life – to being free of all that hurt and pain.

I am a walking testament to His goodness and grace.

God will guide you…

I love Isaiah 58!!!

It goes through what God wants us to do, as a true act of Worship to Him.

Isaiah talks through fasting (not eating) and the Sabbath (not working). They are both an outward expression of “not doing something for The Lord”. However, Isaiah challenges us that it’s not just about “going through the motions” – we need to be sincere. It shows that what we “don’t do” isn’t enough to make us right before God.

There are many Christians that say “we don’t know what our purpose is” in this World. Does it however,  stop anyone from using their natural gifting or doing something that they love for Gods glory? Our journey with God should not be defined by what we “don’t do” but more, by what we actually do.

Isaiah goes through what it is to be sincere with the Lord…

  1. It shows that we must love others just as much as ourselves
  2. God will then guide us and prepare the way
  3. Life is then transformed – from a desert to a garden
  4. We will then build Gods kingdom and not just be a bystander

I find this a beautiful picture. Not just for Israel (that God was showing them that the nation would be restored) but in today’s society (that where-ever we are in our Christian walk, this chapter brings hope of restoration and transformation through Gods guidance).

Why knowing the Bible makes you secure in life…

When I was relatively new to my Faith; my bible was actually used as a coaster. I went months without even thinking of God, let alone reading His word. I went through a period of continued grief, with circumstances that my Family had faced and rather than turn to God…I blamed Him for the things that were happening.

Looking back, I was so wrong to have pushed God away but His word at the time had not gone from my head to heart. I certainly wasn’t walking with God!
Our soul prospers, when we learn the Scriptures and receive the grace of God. I certainly understand this now and if we go through hard times – I have something to hold onto. Knowing God and having a relationship with Him; builds faith and trust but more importantly, it keeps you secure in this uncertain World. 
When Christ is the cornerstone and God is the foundation, that my faith is built upon; I can confidentially say that our House serves the Lord because we know that with every breath in us, that He is our creator, our protector, our provider but more importantly – our saviour.

Good friendships…

I met a close friend for coffee yesterday and we ended up talking over different stuff that confronted both of us, for different reasons. Today, there was a mutual respect for us “calling things out” for what they were. Sometimes we go through seasons, where we think everything is great but then someone (who we trust), raises some thoughts on situations that we may not recognise (i.e: pride, anger, addictions etc.)

No-one is infallible and to think that we are, is a dangerous game. That is why we are apart of the body of Christ – to keep each other accountable. I have people “in my World” that God has surrounded me with, that whenever they raise something – no matter how much I may struggle with the initial conversation – I take it on board and then I go to God; because you should trust your friends to help you remain on Gods path.

Take good counsel and accept correction – that’s the way to live wisely and well. (Proverbs 19:20 MSG)

The mind of peace

This is such a great scripture and brings the very essence of what God wants for us. 

When I have focused on Gods truth in the situations I am facing, it brings a peace and joy that I can’t explain. 

Mayhem might be occurring in life but I know that I serve a bigger God than my problems. So if He says “all things are possible” and He will “never leave me” then I trust Him to lead me through the storms. (Psalm 23 comes to mind!)

So if I am worried or fearful – I turn to Him. I know he has given me a spirit “of love, power and sound mind”. Letting go of control has shown me – Gods love and I have become a better person but best of all, I have no fear of the future.

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