You were born to stand out…

“You are a chosen people…As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9

I look at my Daughter in awe that she knows that she has been born to do incredible things. She is so confident in Christ and her ability to change the world, with what God has called her to do, that it even makes me laugh out loud sometimes. Despite myself being bought up in a generation where children should be “seen and not heard,” I have imparted to her something that Christ wants us all to understand.

All true Christians are one family and we are distinct in this world – God made it that way – because we have been called out of “darkness” into a state of joy, peace and prosperity to give the Lord praise for what He has done and showing others how we should live, in a world that is falling apart around us.

I now understand that I am not supposed to blend into my surroundings but I was born to stand out, so that Christ will be seen in every part of my life.

You too, were born to do the same.

He is good…always

As far as the east is to the west, I will praise Him for the rest of my days – because He is good…always

Why I am passionate for Christ…

In verse 8 of this Psalm, David says, “My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.” This is the balance that I desire in my walk with Christ – that I will cling to God, but underneath everything, Gods hand is still holding me up.

The Hebrew word used for “clings,” relates to affection and this is why we need to be passionate about Christ.

Seeking after God means keeping your passion for Him alive. It’s all about the heart and ultimately that’s what God is interested in anyway. The inner passion we have should be seen outwardly in order to show others who He is.

As I think about what Christ has done in my life, I become emotional. I reflect on His great love and faithfulness towards ME over my years as a Christian and that is why I know His love is better than life itself.

Gods guides us all

Scripture talks about those who aren’t in Christ, not understanding what’s wrong with things of this world, but when we come into a relationship with Jesus, by God’s grace, He opens our eyes to the understanding, that Satan had blinded us to sin.

The Lord always try’s to guide us in life – whether we know Him or not. Sometimes, it might feel like we have no clue which direction to go, but God does, and this is where we need to realise that God has been supporting His children all along.

Allow God to guide you. He will take your hand and lead you, or even carry you through the tough times, if that is what is needed because that way, He is glorified in you and through you.

When God grants you what you ask for…


From my teenage years, I was told that I could not have Children. I apparently had too many medical conditions and with the unfortunate events that I had experienced, it led to the Doctors confirming that it was “medically impossible”.

The week before our Wedding, Kieren and I went to see the Senior Gynaecologist (I had four overseeing my case) but she advised that they would be preforming a total hysterectomy, three months after getting back from Honeymoon.

I had dreamt since I was a little Girl of having children but I remember my Mum saying to me one day that “life is not a fairytale.” This is true but it doesn’t stop you from believing – so I prayed and I declared scripture over my life.

This is Sarai Louise, her name means “Princess Warrior” (yeah…we didn’t think that one through!) but she has been the most precious gift, God has given to us. Sarai has the most beautiful and caring heart. She is strong in faith and character and definitely lives up to her name!

I’m not saying that God grants us everything that we desire, but I know in my walk with Christ, that all things are possible and I am reminded on a daily basis of Gods goodness, through our Daughter. I still had to have the hysterectomy around a year after Sarai was born but we need to remember the blessings that God has given to us because sometimes, it is all too easy to forget.


God alone is worthy to be worshipped

What is your attitude towards worship?

When you come into God’s presence, is it with joy and willingness to serve Him, or do you just go through the motions?

This Psalm is beautiful because it tells us to remember God’s goodness and dependability. His faithfulness has extended to our generation – so then we should worship Him with thanksgiving and praise, because their is no one like Him.

Why hope brings miracles

Where there is hope, there is faith and where there is faith – miracles happen.

What miracle are you declaring over life today…

Do you have loved ones who need salvation?

Has someone walked away from God, in your life?

Can you see no way out your current circumstances?

Do you have financial struggles?

Health issues?

Do you desire that Jesus will come in this lifetime?

Whatever miracle you are searching for – as David says so beautifully in Psalm 39 – your hope can only be found in God.

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