God’s Gift

It is available to each and every one of us, and yet, there are a few Christian’s that have yet to accept this gift from God

Worldly peace is simply deemed as an absence of conflict, but the peace that Christ gives, is so much more because Christian’s have peace in ALL circumstances – whether we look at back the past, or into our future – there should be nothing to worry about

God’s goodness is the same yesterday, today, and forever, but the world tells us that there must be more to receiving God’s peace? Surely we need to strive to attain this Gift, or at least, fear that we might lose it?

But, it’s given freely through the Holy Spirit, and therefore, if you are struggling with fear, doubt, or just the unknown, I want to encourage you this morning, to let go of what you think you know, and turn to the One who does, because life becomes so much more, when the Peace of God is in our hearts

Choose God

God put us on this earth for relationships, and the ones we have – if God has given them to us – should be precious, especially our relationship with Him

Yet, we have twisted God’s original purpose to show Christ’s love in our lives, by trying to please others, instead of God

For some of us, we fear humanity, we strive for approval, take unnecessary risks to be seen, or we can pick “man” over God

It’s not wrong to love people in our lives, because Scripture asks us too. However, if the choice is doing what God created us to do, and seeking His will over what someone demands – choose God

When life as we know it, is all said and done, God will show each of us, an account of our lives…imagine if the life you were destined to have, looked different to what actually played out?

I want us to choose God above all things because He is eternal – He knows the beginning to the end, so why be guided by anyone else, but Him? It doesn’t mean that we don’t have people talking into our lives, because this brings accountability, but God’s way should be first in our lives, every time

El Shaddai

I was speaking to someone yesterday, and they had a pretense of Christianity just being a ”religion”, but it’s so much more than that…

Christianity is different because it’s a way of life. God meets us where we are…(which is generally rock bottom, because when life is good, people generally don’t ask ”why” or search for answers) but God is also, the only one who comes to His people – rather than all other ”religions” telling us that we must try and reach them

Christianity shows us that God is God Almighty, because of what He has done (He sent Jesus to save us) but also what is to come (eternal life with Him)

He is the only One with the power and ability to meet our every need, and yet His ”commands” are simple…


There is no twenty-step program to reach the top. Or complete this course to go to the next level of Godliness…

It’s loving each other because in doing so, we truly find God.

This Scripture reaffirms that God wants us to be faithful – which is to believe in what is written in God’s Word so that we can be guided through the ups and downs of life. Also, faithful in God – not other religions – because there is only One true God. But God also asks, that we try to live a blameless life…not righteous or to try and be perfect because it’s impossible to do. Blameless simply means that we try to do the best we can, in loving others, and God. Yet, when we mess up, we need to ask for forgiveness (where possible) of those we’ve hurt

There is no condemnation, no shame, or fear, in Christianity, because of who God is…

He is El Shaddai, God Almighty

Blessed…because of Christ

The Beatitudes are a beautiful piece of Scripture that many just take in a literal sense, but they are so much more than that

“Beatus” is translated as ”blessed” in Latin…we are blessed because we have found Jesus

The Beatitudes will, at least, challenge the way we think, but at best, we will seek to walk in the ways of what Jesus was talking about

The Beatitudes show us Kingdom values compared to the worldly ones, in other words – what is eternal compared to temporary

We need to remember that this piece of Scripture should be taken as a whole, and not as a smorgasbord for us to decide which bits we like

The Beatitudes, for me, is what Christ ultimately died for. That we will no longer follow the ways of those around us, but instead, look to Christ for guidance.

They show us that happiness isn’t found in outward circumstances, but one of hope and joy given through Jesus. Life isn’t always cupcakes and roses, but for most, it is fought with hardship, pain, and suffering because Jesus doesn’t promise laughter, lifelong happiness, or pleasure, but He does promise the Kingdom of Heaven

If we seek His ways in all that we do, then the Beatitudes will challenge the way we live until the day we die

Therefore, today, I encourage you to read the Beatitudes (Matthew 5-1:12), ask God to speak to you through the Scripture, and let me know how the Beatitudes speak to you

Rise and Stand Still

God gave me an image last week that I have been thinking about, and then this Scripture came to mind this morning, so I want to share it with you…

I saw people from all walks of life, rising to their feet and standing still. When people felt like they couldn’t stand anymore, the Spirit would hold them up

…All we had to do was stand

I felt like God was saying that for some of us, we have been knocked down for too long. We have been listening to the wrong voice, who says that we aren’t worthy…we’re not good enough…we won’t achieve anything

But, I want to encourage you this morning, that God is with us. When we can not step with God, then just stand still, and watch Him fight for you. If you have been knocked to the ground, take the hand of the person God has bought into your life, and stand together.

God is saying, It’s time to rise.

Whether we are stepping forward into our destiny…rise

Whether we feel we are starting again…rise

Whether we are weak and feel that we can’t carry on…rise

Scripture shows in our weakness, we find God’s strength. Therefore, allow the Spirit to help us through this time.

Allow the Spirit to help us stand together because that is when we realise how strong we truly are…

Eventually, we will take that step that we thought was impossible, and the enemy will flee, because there is nothing more powerful than a child of God full of faith, and purpose, in what God is asking of them because we serve a God of the possible

Today, let’s rise and just stand still

Nope, not Red Shoes 👠

When you get to the end of your life, what is it that you want to be surrounding you?

There are some of us who strive to achieve wealth in life, or maybe we want a beautiful home to return to after a hard day’s work, or we may want to go on holiday regularly…

But whatever it is, I haven’t spoken to anyone who was at the end of their life – young or old – and have heard them say about bringing them their favourite pair of red shoes, or that they want to hold their most expensive cashmere sweater one last time, because it’s always whom they want around them, as they take their last breath.

There are some of us who have pulled away from others, maybe out of hurt or pain, but we were never made to do this life alone. Instead of trying to rebuild those relationships, we are working hard to fill our lives with “stuff” or memories that actually don’t really matter, when it’s all said and done.

Jesus is coming…we are in the end times. The Bible says, that Jesus will come like a thief in the night (1 Thessalonians 5:2) – that means we don’t get to know that He’s returning in three weeks time (for example), so why are there so many of us still wanting to do life alone; walking away from loved ones; or worse God, because of fear, comparison, or maybe even offence?

The time is now to rebuild those friendships, repair our relationships, and restore our own hearts, to reflect the love that God has shown to us because honestly, we shouldn’t want to blink and miss the one thing we were created to have…


Before the Breakthrough – Thank God

Belief in what is to come is called hope.

Without it, Christianity would lose our foundational belief that Jesus Christ is the Hope of the world…


Because as a believer, we can read what was, through God’s Word, in order to have faith that breakthrough is coming, that Jesus will return, and after death, we return to the Father

Faith is when we believe in the promise. So from the first time we pray, until it comes to fruition, that is our trial, and most of us, unfortunately, we become discouraged or stop believing in our promises

Thanking God before the breakthrough is one of the most significant things that we can do because it shows that we believe Him, over circumstances.

In the natural (or what we can see) is not what we believe for, but we speak to God’s promises

I want to encourage us today, that God is able to do more than we can ever imagine. He speaks, and the mountains will bow. He can bring fire from the sky because there is no one like Him!

And so, today, if you are discouraged, then start to thank God for what He has spoken over you. Thank God for the breakthrough. Thank Him for the faith He has placed inside you to believe for what is to come because that is when you will see God’s glory move in your life

Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this, he brought glory to God. He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.” Romans‬ ‭4:20-21‬

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