Our life in Christ


If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

If we only realised that Jesus should be Lord AND Saviour and not just the saviour of our lives, then we wouldn’t need to keep being saved from the strongholds in our World.

Coming to Christ is a beautiful transaction that brings freedom but it’s also the point that we need realise that we were created for so much more. Jesus being Lord, means that we are committed to seeing Him being the author – He died so He could rewrite our story.

Transformation of the heart, allows others to see Gods goodness from our testimonies. It can become so powerful when we stop allowing the issues in our lives to hold us back and let go for God to work in those circumstances. I am a walking testament in allowing God to bring transformation.

For 8 years my Christian walk was dormant but suddenly reading the scripture in Romans, opened my eyes to the missing piece of my Christian journey…that salvation means transformation when Jesus is LORD and I promise when it happens, life will never be the same again.

Stop living in the past

How many of us still live in the past? Re-living past hurts…past events…or even past achievements? Sometimes it is good to look back, in order to see how far you have come but Paul reminds us of why the past is the past.

The veil Moses placed over his face, stopped the Israelites from being scared of the radiance of God but in contrast, it also meant people couldn’t see the radiance fading. This is a picture of the old system or law fading; that people who are not in Christ have a veil on their minds in understanding Gods grace and love.

Anyone that comes to Christ, the Spirit removes that veil.

We can let go of our past guilt, shame, things we have done wrong or things that are holding us back because we receive freedom and then have a “face-to-face” relationship with God.

Ultimately, we then reflect Gods glory in our lives and others see that.

The living word

This verse reminds me what Christ has done for each and every one of us!

Actions speak louder than words…


There are so many pressures from society for everyone to “conform” to what the Worldly viewpoints are but I don’t think that life can be that simple for Christians.

True worship to God is to offer ourselves as a “living sacrifice”. Therefore we aren’t supposed to be “moulded” by anyone else but more (as this scripture says) we need to allow ourselves to be transformed by the mind of Christ. This can make us stand out and I am reading more frequently about Christian individuals that take a stand against political or social issues, which brings persecution in some form.

We need to always remember that when we go against the grain, there is always a cost. Whether that is against the World – or against Christ. However, I think we need to remember that although conforming to the World, is not necessarily a good thing – nor is doing something at the expense of God.

The rest of Chapter 12 in Romans, describes (in my opinion) what transformation of the mind looks like. We should live humbly – there is no room for pride. Remember we  belong to one another just like different parts of the same body. Everyone was created for a purpose to fulfil Gods greater plan. God loves everyone, just as much as you or I.

Lastly, Paul addresses matters of judgement, in that it should be left to God. Therefore, the only thing left for us to do is bless our “enemies”, love them as Christ loves us, speak Gods word, encourage, give to the poor and care for everyone!

Actions most certainly speak louder than words and that’s where true transformation comes from.

Why prayer and faith works…


Sometimes we wait for God to change our circumstances but He actually wants us to “walk by faith” – that requires an action.

Prayer is the master key for our lives but in order to experience Gods goodness, it requires us to move forward each and every day.

Open “your” door in faith and see God move.

The waiting game…

This verse makes me smile because it brings to surface one of the hardest things I find to do – wait! The word “wait” is used twice – which brings an importance to this.

If the Lord makes us wait, let’s try to do so without moaning and groaning. Ultimately, we are all waiting for something – Jesus to return, but that in itself is a blessing because He is definitely worth waiting for!

The waiting itself is beneficial (although testing) because it tries our faith, exercises patience, trains submission that God is in control , and waiting brings a blessing when breakthrough comes. 

Gods word is truth and therefore in periods of waiting, I read my bible and pray because I can see time and time and time again, that if God brought a blessing in so many different circumstances, to so many different people – then I too can have hope, in the things to come.

God never forgets you, just it’s not the right time yet.

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