Believing the Lie

Words have so much power

I wish I could tell my younger self to stay focused. To not listen to criticism. The whisper of lies, and the deceit of the enemy, because it robbed me of my peace and joy for many years

And yet, recently, God revealed to me that, again, a lie had been received and had become my truth…

You’d think I’d know better, and yet, here I am, shocked at being sideswiped in a seemingly harmless way

Six months ago, I unknowingly stopped believing a God-given dream.

So much so that I stopped writing in my diary. Innocently (or so I thought) – I had decided to prioritise my morning routine, and therefore, for the next season, I thought the diary could go on the ”backburner” to allow me more time to breathe, to reflect, and to restore my brokenness of feeling rejected. I didn’t want to write about the pain, and the loss I felt. I didn’t want to see it in black and white

I know I am a daughter. Chosen. Restored. Healed. Loved…

Yet, I felt my book wasn’t good enough to be published. It seems ridiculous now, but I believed it. Instead of pushing through that negative thought, I accepted it, it comforted me, because I seemed to be at a dead end, and it made sense. It wasn’t that the path I was on was wrong. Just the outcome I had thought of, needed a different interpretation

Yesterday was surreal. Yesterday I signed a contract for my book to be published (release date: October 2019)

Then it dawned on me…

My diary had allowed me to process. To hear His voice and to reaffirm His truth into my soul each morning. The lie had stopped that revelation occurring. For six months, I have robbed myself of intimacy that only that time can know. So, I ripped that lie out, and I let go of the regret of not pushing through because something so innocent can stop us believing for what is to come.

Friend, ask God if there are lies we are believing, and be open about the revelation that comes, because with or without our prayers, God’s plan will unfold, but how much sweeter would the testimony have been, if I had rejected that unGodly truth that I had let in

God’s Mouthpiece

I had a vision from God that I’d like to share…

I saw this beautiful old-styled, pure gold megaphone.

Where you put your mouth to speak, God had placed three jewels – pink (represented the love of God) orange (represented perseverance) and purple (represented authority).

The megaphone itself had seven lines from those three jewels, and I could see seven brilliant diamonds around the broadest part of the cylinder that touched each of the seven lines.

As we spoke into the megaphone, God allowed me to see the sound waves that came from it. They were like a prism – every colour that I could think of, and more, came from the words spoken – but, I could see the sound waves went throughout the land and beyond, in purity.

God spoke, and I felt Him say that there are many of us still speaking to others from a place of brokenness. Although we are His child, we have not let His love soak into the very depths of our soul.

Therefore, He’s now giving each one of us a megaphone. This will then speak the Words given by Him, to others, but our words will be filtered by the megaphone itself, so that they will be received pure, from a place of love, and with God’s authority. This way, no-one will deny they aren’t from God

Friends, time is so short for this life, and our brokenness allows the enemy to use the Words received by God, as a weapon of destruction. Our filter is like a bent antenna – although we receive the Words, they get distorted. The megaphone is strong, unbreakable, and brings wisdom.

Therefore, God is asking us to use His megaphone to speak in the last days. To pour out His love on the land, with authority, and perseverance because although sound waves can’t be seen, we can still ”see” the result of waves in action

”It is written: “ ‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’ ” Romans‬ ‭14:11‬

Miracles from Unbelief

How many times has God proved us wrong?

It’s sad really that most of humanity still feel superior to an infinite God. What I mean is that we believe that our opinions truly matter compared to what the Word of God actually says, and Who God has revealed Himself to be.

It’s as if, our opinion of God is deemed worthy, compared to Who God actually is. In all honesty, our views count for nothing!

If God is the lightning bolt, we are but the faint sound that follows miles away. If He is the Tsunami, we are but the grain of sand that finds itself miles from shore…my point is, that our opinion doesn’t change Who God is, because He is absolute and we are dependent in every way

Our perspective of Him doesn’t actually reveal anything more or less than He has actually already revealed – the difference is the revelation within our hearts

Sometimes, our darkest times make the Glory of God shine brighter

God is gracious and merciful in teaching and equipping us for the seasons ahead…if we’d only turn and face Him to realise who we ultimately are

Pharaoh’s heart was hardened to show that God was LORD – He is Yahweh – Jehovah, and Pharaoh was but a man. Pharaoh was deemed as a god by those around him, but by Pharaoh refusing to let God’s people go, the Exodus occurred

Just like the Israelites, we need both human and divine leadership to escape the slavery of sin

Disobedience and unbelief led to the Israelites freedom from what they thought they knew

God’s greatest miracle has always been making a way when there wasn’t one. We still get to walk through the parting of the Red Sea – God conquered death, and He’s called Jesus Christ

It only our stubbornness, that stops us receiving that true freedom

”But I will make Pharaoh’s heart stubborn, so I can multiply my miraculous signs and wonders in the land of Egypt.” Exodus‬ ‭7:3‬

Through the Eyes of a Child

Our daughter, Sarai, came into my room yesterday, to chat, as I was getting ready for church

Sarai was talking about our new home that is currently being built, and the possibility of having more than one TV in the house (which has been intentional by Kieren and myself up until now.) Therefore, Sarai wanted to know if the next TV we have would be bigger – like the one we had when we lived in the UK.

I suddenly realised why she thought that it was so big, and remind her that the TV we have now is bigger and that she was only four-years-old when we emigrated.

The revelation hit her almost instantaneously because she realised as a “child,” everything seems “bigger.”

Friends, there is a reason that we are called a Son, or Daughter of the Most High

We need to remember that we are on a Spiritual journey to wholeness. All of us on different walks or stages in life with God, and therefore, we grow in Him each day that we spend together

When I think about the circumstances I have faced before finding God, and up until now, I clearly see where spiritual immaturity played a part, compared to how I see life now, and where I know I will end up

As a child, we see things out of perspective. In other words, what you are going through now, you will look back on, and see how much you have grown.

You will look back, and see how small the issue really was, when you were obedient to God

You will look back on your faith journey, and see that that mountain was actually more like a hill

We need to realise that we are all growing in our relationship with God, and so, currently, we may see things differently, partially, or incomplete

I want to encourage you today, to hold onto God tightly, because the journey He has you on, is never to harm you, but to encourage and equip you for what is to come. Seek God daily, and watch as the things that we struggled with today, will not effect us “tomorrow,” because just like Sarai, she realised that the TV didn’t get smaller, she got bigger

A Simple Truth

The enemy, we know, comes to steal, kill, and destroy our faith in God. Satan has wanted our mind’s focused on anything, other than God and His Word, since Adam and Eve.

Friend, I felt to give just a simple truth this morning…

Some of us have struggled to wake up, made a mistake, said the wrong thing, hurt another person, cheated, lied…whatever it is, and therefore, we don’t want to run back to God

The truth is that satan has got in our heads, because when we feel that what we have done is more significant than our heavenly Father who sits on the throne – it manifests as shame in our lives, rather than the guilt, which was created to hopefully get us to ask God to forgive us.

Your sin does not define you – only God does…

So, instead of thinking that God would never forgive you, run back to Him, ask for forgiveness today, and allow Him to embrace you again

Because the most important thing each morning is, to begin again with God

“Farther than from a sunrise to a sunset— that’s how far you’ve removed our guilt from us.” Psalms‬ ‭103:12‬

When Protection Hurts

I felt God drop this message into my Spirit last night, and so, I wanted to share it with you…

There are so many people in the world living their lives through glass. They think that God’s love and protection mean no pain, or heartache would come. But now the glass has either been shattered before their eyes, or the cracks are for all to see, and they struggle with a loving God not coming through regarding their circumstances

God never promised that this world wouldn’t experience suffering – Jesus told us we would, because they persecuted Him, so then, people will do it to us too (John 15:20)

Friends, we need to remember that this life prepares us for what is to come.

Therefore, God’s protection doesn’t mean that we won’t feel pain within this lifetime, because His protection is much more profound. This life is gone within a blink of an eye for an eternal God

His protection is that God saves our souls, for eternity

”Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew‬ ‭10:28‬

This morning I pray, that you receive that revelation

Who Deserves It…

I have to be honest…

As soon as I woke this morning, I read this verse, and God spoke, but, I carried on reading, and reading, and reading


It’s the kind of verse that will speak to us all in many ways, but for a lot of us, we roll our eyes at the thought of “another” person needing our help…I mean, we’re all busy, right?

Those who have a heart for helping others, see a need, and they desire to make a difference – somehow.

Yet, for some, we can remember countless times of ways we could have helped, but were unable to, for various reasons…

How many of us see that beggar on the side of the road each day?

How many of us see a homeless person sleeping with a blanket over their face?

How many of us see a Mother with five children screaming at each other in the supermarket?

How many of us see a person searching for money in their car, as they need gas/petrol?

How many of us see an elderly gentleman giving food back to the cashier because his pension doesn’t cover his daily needs?

How many of us see a neighbour struggling to maintain their gardens?

Someone recently said to me, “there is so much need in the world; one isn’t going to matter.”

I thought of the story of the starfish on the beach, where it got thrown back into the sea – it mattered to that starfish

Friend’s, my point is, we all judge others, whether it’s in a split second of picking getting to work on time or helping that individual, compared to that people-group that you may feel “doesn’t deserve to be helped” – but, my reluctant challenge for us this morning, is who does God say deserves to see good?

Let me put it another way…

Who did Jesus die for?

We need to be God’s “light” today, and every day…

I am not saying that you need to remortgage your house or sell your car, but this Scripture convicts, because we all have the power to help others in some way, to show God’s love to all

“He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.” 2 Peter‬ ‭3:9‬

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