A lot of us struggle to take advice but the bible says that wisdom is gained by knowledge and understanding.

As much as we struggle to admit we need help – we don’t know everything and therefore if someone offers you sound biblical advice in the amidst of your chaos – take it. You will be become wiser in the long run!

Trusting that Gods timing is perfect, can be frustrating, especially if you are impatient like me (although I have grown in this area over the years!!)

However, when I take my fears, my worries and burdens to Him through prayer, I am strengthened because it is through those times, that I feel His love and grace pouring into my life. 

I have grown to depend on Jesus in my life because it is in those moments that I feel closest to God and that means, I am at my strongest in faith, to receive the breakthrough needed and move the “mountains” in my World


Prayer, prayer and more prayer!!

The promises that God has given me, can only be fulfilled by my own desire to pursue that purpose.

Everyday, the choices that I make, influence ultimately, who God destined for me to become. Therefore through prayer, I know that I will keep Him close, so that the choices I make – are guiding me towards Gods will for my life.

Looking back over the years, I realise how blessed I am to have Jesus walking by my side. 

The up’s and down’s still come in life but experiencing the depth of his love, has undoubtedly changed me.

He has put people in my World to challenge me, to grow me and to also love me but when I walk in my God-given purpose, there is no feeling like; the abundance of gratefulness and thankfulness, for who I am today but most of all, who God has called me to be. 

I am most certainly blessed and I thank God, that you are too because of His love.


I remember a time when my little Girl was scared, I would hold her and I’d instantly feel her relax in my arms – because she felt safe, knowing that I love her, as she trusts me.

The same thing happens with God. When we trust Him. When we allow Him into our lives, we receive His love which brings a calmness and peace that passes all understanding.

We need to change our perspective on the World, so that we see it as God made it to be, not how it appears to us.

We can get caught up in our “stuff”. We can go through life without seeing God’s hand in everything around us. This world has, not only gained possession of our hearts but it has formed thoughts against the beauty of God’s creation.

If we constantly look at our lives through our own eyes, then the chances are, that we will face situations that will hold us back. We need to see the world…our relationships…our finances…through Gods eyes, that is when things, start to make sense.

God has appointed everything to its season but we forget that seasons come and go. “Life is like the morning fog” (James 4:14) Life is so short, so find the good in everything and see your life through how God designed it to be.

Renew your mind and see how truly beautiful, life is.

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