Why we can trust in God…

David expresses his trust in God throughout this prayer (verse 7:18-29). Describing himself as a “servant of God” and realising that, it is God who has done everything for him. David begged God to keep the great promises He had made – from a shepherd to his anointing as King.

We need to keep our faith that God will come through for us, in whatever need we have but never forget that you serve God first and therefore, at all times, we should live to bring glory to His name.


A humble community 

It seems, in today’s World that someone always has an opinion about another but in this verse Paul deals with community life.

There is no place for pride in Christianity as we belong to one another like different parts of the same body.

We need to remember that we each contribute our gifts (whether that’s speaking God’s word, serving, teaching, encouraging or caring etc.) but these are Gods gifts to us for one another.

Therefore, instead of pride there should be faith, humility, generosity, hard work and maybe even good humour!

Your past doesn’t define you

For so many years, I thought “this is it.” I had made so many mistakes and I was continually living the consequences of my choices.

However, we serve a God whom is bigger than any mistake you have made, and when I stepped out beyond my doubt and self-pity – I found that what lay ahead, was my purpose.

Your past doesn’t define you, only God should.

Character vs Destiny

I have been driving my Family mad with Hillsong’s song on repeat – “Shadow Step” resonates into the very depths of my soul because it’s the season that I am currently in.

The song talks about taking the step – even when we can’t see into the shadows. That God will light up the way of His heart and for God to move us like the wind. I love this picture. One that we don’t fight God. That we would move like the wind – freely and with ease.

How much more could God do with your life, if you let Him shape you into who He’s calling you to be?

Sometimes, I feel the reason we haven’t reached our dreams is simply because our character would crumble under the responsibility that God ultimately has for us.

Don’t resist the journey…Don’t loose hope in that dream…God will release you in His perfect timing.

My prayer for wisdom…

David taught Solomon well, that as a young boy he should seek Gods wisdom above all else. Therefore, when God appeared to Solomon as the new King to fulfil any request – Solomon chose wisdom above everything else.

We do not have to wait for God to appear but can boldly ask Him for wisdom through prayer and James 1:5 assures us that God will grant that request.

It’s willingness not perfection…


Do you have a God-given dream but don’t feel good enough?

Looking in the Bible, there are so many people that aren’t perfect but God used them powerfully to advance His Kingdom.

Strange? Nope because in an imperfect World, you need imperfect people.

Jesus shows us what we should look to become but the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, is in us and therefore, as we see in the Bible over and over again – God calls the broken and poor. It didn’t matter where people were from, what they had done, or who they use to be – Jesus used all different types of people.

Therefore, no matter what you’ve been through in life, you do not need to be perfect to be used by God. You just need to be faithful and willing to step out, when God asks you to.

Scripture that packs a punch

Sometimes the scripture we read really challenges our lives. Reading this today, being honest, the words filth and evil made me cringe. My instant thought was – ”that’s not me” and then I skim past the scripture. But it has the power to change our lives – we need to remember that ALL scripture is from God.

Throughout the bible, including the New Testament, we are given clear instructions regarding behavior. While our spirit is regenerated solely through the work of Holy Spirit (as the free gift of Jesus by his sacrifice), our behavior is a function of our “flesh”. This is controlled by us. We can yield to the direction of the Spirit, as we ought, as James says “humbly accept word of God,” or not.

The truth is, being humble is hard and honestly, we don’t like being told what to do as it goes against “our human rights” but when we choose to continue in our “filth and live in evil”, this is when we grieve the Holy Spirit and we can face losing our eternal hope, which is what James wants to address.

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