Remembering God

Saul and his Army had been hunting David, yet he sang this Psalm to God, to remember God’s goodness

This Psalm is almost a duplicate of 2 Samuel 22, which reinforces that when we are surrounded by evil, the only sure way to be delivered, is to call out to God for help and strength

David cries out to God because he remembers Who his true saviour is.

It can be easy to forget in the heat of the moment, but God is with us, every moment, of every day, waiting for an invitation into our circumstances

God is our rock….our fortress…our hiding place…and our place of safety. Yet, we can momentarily forget about Him when stress, worry, or fear take over our lives

There have been times in my life when I have run straight into God’s arms, and He has strengthened me, there and then.

Other times, I have fallen to my knees, and the only words that I could sob were, ”help me.”

Then, looking back, there have been other times, or even seasons, when I have entirely forgotten to let God in through prayer, and I can now see the trail of devastation it left, even years after the events

I love God so much. He is my strength and my constant. He’s my Eternal Father who never changes, and thus, I want to encourage you this morning…

If you are in a situation where you feel alone (you’re not) – God will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6)

If you feel like you have nowhere to turn (you do) – God will rescue you (Psalm 118:13)

If you can’t go on (you can) – God will strengthen you no matter how weak you feel (Isaiah 40:29)

…Remember God

Why the Holy Spirit is important

David knew that repentance was the only way back to God. He was remorseful about his relationship with Bathsheba, but the most important thing to David was not to lose his relationship with God

It’s interesting that in Psalm 51, David names the Holy Spirit…

We need to remember that up until this point, the Trinity still isn’t defined as three-in-one, because of polytheism – God needed to establish that He was the One true God, and no one was to worship any other God, but Him (monotheism). This was because the Israelites understood the worship of many God’s far too easily, and therefore, this is a powerful revelation that God had given David.

I love that God’s presence changes atmospheres, His tangible presence is what we generally crave, and to feel Him near to us, brings comfort and joy to our bones. It amazes me that God is the creator of life, and yet, the Father of all. He is relational. He wants us to come back to Him


The Holy Spirit was sent as the One who helps us to become who God created us to be. He teaches us God’s ways and guides us back into God’s loving arms.

I see Holy Spirit as someone who leads us through a maze, while we have a blindfold on – do we trust Holy Spirit enough to take us through that journey?

I do not want to forget that I serve the One true God, and therefore, I want to seek His direction for my life – in the maze of paths – and then ask Holy Spirit to guide me into that truth and to show me the way I should go.

“But when the Father sends the Advocate as my representative—that is, the Holy Spirit—he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you.” John‬ ‭14:26‬

David knew that the Holy Spirit was necessary, and if David was said to have a heart like God’s, then we shouldn’t dismiss the Holy Spirit either

Belly Laughing Your Way to Heaven

The world we live in has more people on antidepressants than any other generation that has gone before us. Stress or anxiety are primary factors, but loneliness, I feel, plays a huge part in today’s society as well

We have even forgotten how to laugh without social media being involved. We are a world that laughs while taking 100 photos, to get the right angle, so that in the end, we ”pretend” to laugh, to make sure everything is picture perfect!

We need a revival of joy, laughter, fun, and love…

At our church, we are intentionally building community through different connect groups. These groups are designed for different people, with different personalities, but similar interests to come together. It’s a place where these groups bring others in unity because people learn to trust, and therefore relationships are formed, through love

We need to get connected. Go to the movies with people. Take a long walk. Have a coffee. Run that marathon. Play sport. Study the Bible together…Whatever it is that fills your tank, but let’s have fun, together.

Joy is what attracted me to Christians. I wanted to know why they were so happy. Little did I know, as an atheist, that the joy of the Lord is infectious.

God wants us to belly laugh our way to heaven – together. To loosen up! The world is too serious trying to get the perfect ”laughing” selfie. The world doesn’t need another serious Christian reading the law. We’re not supposed to tolerate each other, but love one another – because we want too

The church is awesome. Jesus did cool things. Joshua made the sun stand still, through prayer. David killed a giant with small stones. Moses won a war by lifting his arms…so many amazing things have happened, because of God

Let’s be a community that shows others how amazingly awesome God really is! But, who He truly is – not by miracles of our outward circumstances, but by the transformation of ourselves, internally.

I never experienced life, the way I do now, since finding God.

The Warm and Fuzzies

Can you remember the first time you fell in love?

I don’t mean when you were twelve, and you developed a crush, but more, the time when it seemed like there’s only the two of you in a room full of people. Or, when you want time to stand still, as you talk about your hopes and dreams together.

When you’re in love, life just seems that little bit better, a little bit richer. You see life clearer, or maybe in technicolour.

Do you remember the ”warm and fuzzies” you get every time you think of that person? Or, when your heart skips a beat the moment, you see them? It’s because everything is new and exciting, and you want that feeling to last forever.

Even after twelve years, the love for Kieren, my Husband, has deepened, strengthened, and become more intimate, as we have journeyed through life together.

Yet, when I think of Christ’s love – true love, it’s sacrificial, it shows that we need to put others before ourselves and forgive each other when issues occur. Yet, the thing that I feel we forget most to do, is to renew our love for one another, every day

Love is a choice.

We choose whether we are going to love each other, or not. We determine whether we forgive. We decide whether we put others first.

I want to get the ”warm and fuzzies” over Christ, daily.

I want to remember that God’s mercies are new each morning.

I want to remember to transform my mind into becoming more like Christ, and less like me, because then each day I will be filled with ”technicolour” as I see the world as God intended.

Therefore, let’s remember to fall in love with God (and each other) all over again – let’s make everything new – and then tomorrow, let’s do it again.

”This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

What’s Holding you Back?

Rebekah was a faith-filled woman. She was someone who chose to put her trust in God, even though, to those around her, her choice may have seemed ridiculous.

In western society today, people would think that Rebekah was crazy (I do) – she intended to travel with a man whom she had never met before now, and live in a land that she did not know, to marry someone whom she’d never spoken to – let alone seen in person

There was no ”swipe right” to confirm or disregard a face. No social media ”stalking” to check out that person’s whereabouts over the last six months. Or maybe a coffee date in a well-known store, to ensure that people would have seen them together…

Rebekah made a split-second decision that would affect the course of History because when she was asked a question, she did not hesitate.

How many of us today, are still praying about an opportunity that we were asked about?

God prepares us for our destination. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we will get a memo with the manifesto on. However, there is usually peace surrounding that crazy idea.

Am I saying, that behind every life-changing decision, is God – no I am not. But, God will speak to your Spirit, and deep within, you will know, without question, that this is from God

So my question to you is…if you know this is of God…

Will you go?

Fly Away

Initially, I read past this verse this morning, but I felt like God was drawing me back, to linger, to ponder, to reflect…

Do you ever feel like you want to press ”pause” on life? To run to God, and just ”be.”

David showed me this morning that sometimes, no matter how close we are with God, there are times when it is ok to want to ”fly away” from the circumstances we are facing or the craziness of it all, and rest.

David was in despair over the betrayal of a close friend. To him, he described the need to have wings like a dove. This bird stays low and doesn’t fly far, but will take shelter as soon as they can.

Sometimes there is a need just to get away from it all. To spend time with God in His presence, His refuge, and strength, because there will always be the hustle and bustle of this world, but as David spoke on, we have to make time and be in the stillness of God’s peace, so that we can restore our soul.

True peace can only come when we retire, with God, in solitude.

So today, I encourage you to ”fly away”, and cry out to God with your deepest desires, your heartache, or to just cry because of exhaustion…God’s waiting

The One Thing Needed for Revival


A little…but actually it’s the truth

Many people assume that revival starts in the hearts of unbelievers, yet when you think about it, a believer needs to burn with a passion for what God has called them to do, before anyone hears the name, Jesus.

I see it, as a person ”catching” a Holy fire and then running with it, so that the flames touch others, and therefore, it burns into those people’s hearts, and so forth.

Revival is not meant for one person. Generally, you can trace a fire back to its source, but revival is meant for THE Church.

God’s heart is for His church to catch the fire, so it spreads amongst the nations. One last great revival.

So what fuel do we use to get this going?


(Oh my goodness I used that word! 😆 – Yet, it’s the truth)

Even some Christian’s still do not like this word, which is why there’s still work to do in the hearts of God’s children because we have forgotten that it’s not about us.

True revival points everything towards Jesus. We need to worship the one true King because it’s all about Him. It’s all about worshipping God, praising Him, and giving thanks.

It’s about repenting of that hatred still in our heart.

Repenting of the unforgiveness.

Repenting of the idolisation of others.

Repenting of not loving everyone, as God loves us.

Repenting of anything that God can see, but we can’t…

Why has repenting become such a dirty word? It’s simply realigning our hearts, with God’s

God is calling us into a heart of repentance, because it brings us into the Light, and therefore, God’s true Presence once more…

…this is no longer a side glimpse, or standing on someone else’s shoulders to get a peek…this is being engulfed, drenched, and encompassed by His love that everything else fades into existence. This is as if we are surrounded by the Saints and Angels worshipping God, as His glory is revealed over, and over, and we are bowing down in reverence to it all

And let’s be honest – once we have tasted and seen that kind of revival, we will never abandon God again, because we will call on the name of Jesus, as this Holy Fire sweeps through THE Church and out into the very depths of the world

“Then we will never abandon you again. Revive us so we can call on your name once more.” Psalms‬ ‭80:18‬

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