The meaning of life

So many people have had philosophical discussions about the true meaning of life. For some, sadly, they feel that there is none.

Yet, the answer is found in the Bible, written by Solomon. Although Solomon was given great wisdom by God,  he was by no means perfect and he tried many things in search of life’s true meaning. He wrote Ecclesiastes to spare future generations, the bitterness of learning what he did, through their own experience.

His conclusion is profound – that life is meaningless when we’re apart from God.

Ecclesiastes shows that certain paths in life lead us to feel empty when all we do is strive for fulfillment and enjoyment by our own means because it only leads to disappointment. Nothing in this world can fill the restlessness we feel or the longing for more. No amount of knowledge, money, pleasure, work, or popularity can help us feel satisfied, other than when we turn to focus on God.

His love alone fills our hearts until it is overflowing with joy, wisdom and a love for others that we cannot contain!

Life is so short and we need wisdom far greater than this world can offer. We need the Bible because it spares us the bitterness of what human experience can offer and gives us a hope that is yet to come.

Let’s not forget though, as to the reason why we are here, today, in this world…

In order to gain the understanding of our purpose in this life, it can only be achieved by getting to know God – a relationship like no other – because then and only then, will we seek to keep His commands, which is what Solomon concludes is everyone’s duty.

Saying no…

IMG_2319.PNGThe grace of God teaches us to say no because Christ’s death gives us the freedom to do so. That is a powerful notion – whatever we are struggling with, God can help us overcome anything – but we have to say no to it.

God gives us the power and understanding to live according to His will when we renew our mind. In other words, His ways become our ways and His thoughts can start to become ours.

But the one thing that I have found, especially in my own life is: In order to say no to the things that hurt us, so often we must say yes to serving Christ first.

When God is first in my life, the fight becomes easier because I am able to see the characteristics that Titus describes here in this scripture. It doesn’t mean I’m infallible but more, that I have learnt that my eyes need to stay focused on the One who can see me through

Our hertitage

Reading this verse this morning reminded me, that God doesn’t say that nothing will come against us, He says that it won’t succeed.

That’s because God always has the victory and He is the only One who can see us through the hard times we face.

Isaiah 54 is about the future glory of Zion. Our future. It is our very heritage if we choose to claim it.

Reaping a harvest

It’s always interesting that when I hear about sowing and reaping, my thoughts turn to money. Yet Galatians shows me, it is so much more than that.

This scripture is Paul addressing our actions. Everything we do, has a result. Therefore, it’s more about understanding the natural law – that we reap what we sow. Melons after all, do not come from apple trees.

The Bible tells us that if we plant (metaphorically speaking) to please God, then the result is joy and eternal blessings.

Sometimes we can become tired in not seeing tangible results in our lives, or receiving the affirmation from others that we desire – which in turn means we become discouraged. That is when we start to sow into our own desires.

But we need to keep trusting God for the results that we will receive.

In due time, we will reap a harvest of blessing and it will be one of abundance because God never does things by halves!

Come back!

This prophetic declaration was made by Zechariah after he had told Israel of the coming King. This literally gave me goosebumps reading this verse today because of it being so on point, even in today’s society.

How many people have left Christianity because the seduction of the world was more tempting, compared to God’s Word? How many of us are living in spiritual poverty because we continue to believe the lies, over the One who saved our souls?

My heart breaks…but not only the ones who have walked away from Christ but for all the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Mormons, Jehovah Witness’ and any other cult. For the gang members, prostitutes, addicts, and anyone else that has yet to find Yahweh.

Who do we see, when we come across these people in life?

God’s lost children or are they inconveniences? Are we the older son, looking at God running to the one that He wants to embrace, and feeling angry, jealous, and asking “why them?”

God’s prophetic call is for ALL His children to “come back” to Him. For everyone to be released from the prison that holds us spiritually captive. To realise that our hope is only found in Jesus – the One true King! He is our safety and our refuge. He leads us to eternity and He is coming, but God wants not one to perish.

We have hope.

They still have hope.

Let’s start to call the prodigal’s home and love them, as God loves us.

Power 💥

I think of power like an explosion…it’s instant…and it radically changes its surroundings. But the Holy Spirit is so much more than the manifestations that we can see with our eyes.

He isn’t limited! Therefore, the real power is when the Holy Spirit dwells within us. That’s when we receive power in things like courage, boldness, confidence, ability, and in our God given authority!

It’s a journey of discovering who we truly are in God’s plan for humanity.

Just like the disciples, we need all the gifts that God desires to give us, in order to fulfil what He is asking us to do.

In Acts 1:8 it says that the disciples would receive power, when the Holy Spirit came, and that they would be Jesus’ witnesses. Notice, this wasn’t a instant thing, and this is what I think we miss a lot of the time, because we try to do things ahead of God (which is funny when you think about it.)

Waiting is part of God’s plan and to be truly effective in the Kingdom, we need God’s perfect timing and power to witness effectively.

We live in an era that loves to be entertained but witnessing shouldn’t be about what we can do in God’s name, but telling others what God has done for you, through love.

Love conquers all and that’s the true power of the Gospel.

Jumping in puddles

Love this quote ❤️ What quote makes you smile? 😃

Reading Psalms this morning reminded me, that God never said there wouldn’t be storms, so you might as well dress in style, whilst you’re in them ☔️

” “Lord, help!” they cried in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves. What a blessing was that stillness as he brought them safely into harbor! Let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them.” Psalms‬ ‭107:28-31‬

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