The events described on the following pages are a true reflection of what happened through my eyes

Daddy to Abba

It all started for me on the 23rd December 1981.

I was raised an atheist but found Christ in 2006 and was immersed in water the same year and baptised in the Holy Spirit in 2015.

Throughout my life, I have overcome many trials and tribulations.

My faith has been tested but I have remained strong in applying Gods word to my life and want to encourage and inspire others to do the same, from my ongoing testimony.

I was given a clear message from God to share my story to a wider audience. I have the desire to change lives and help others to seek the Kingdom of God and enter into an ever lasting relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.


I hope that reading my Testimony, will show you that you can overcome many things in life.

Please get in touch – you are not on your own