The events described on the following pages are a true reflection of what happened through my eyes

Daddy to Abba

It all started for me on the 23rd December 1981.

I was raised an atheist but found Christ in 2006 and was immersed in water the same year and baptised in the Holy Spirit in 2015.

Throughout my life, I have overcome many trials and tribulations.

My faith has been tested but I have remained strong in applying Gods word to my life and want to encourage and inspire others to do the same, from my ongoing testimony.

I was given a clear message from God to share my story to a wider audience. I have the desire to change lives and help others to seek the Kingdom of God and enter into an ever lasting relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.


I hope that reading my Testimony, will show you that you can overcome many things in life.

Please get in touch – you are not on your own

9 Comments on “Testimony

  1. Rebecca, you are an amazing lady, I have realised that a lot of strong, wise women have often walked a difficult life path and are walking examples of “what doesn’t kill you, most definitely makes you stronger”.

    You have a purpose in this life, and you are on the right path to reach for your dreams, and make them a reality.

    You are a fantastic Mum to Sarai, and a loving, caring wife to Kieran. I am excited to see you grow in NZ, and what your future holds for you.


    J x

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  2. Dear Rebecca
    Thank you for sharing your testimony its has been so encouraging and rebuking to myself.
    The Lord is using you not only to help seek and save the lost but also us fellow believers that need uplifting and to be reminded of our purpose here…To glorify God and to enjoy him forever!
    I read this today and I instantly felt lead by the Holy spirit to share this with you.
    i pray that it will be insightful and help give you comfort and peace xx

    Here’s an insightful quote from Paul Tripp’s “Dangerous Calling.” Although it’s about Pastors, it’s applicable no matter what your vocation is. Enjoy!

    “Only the gospel can free me from the fear of not being found worthy. The fact of the matter is that I am unworthy. I could never do or say anything that would make me worthy of my Father’s acceptance and affection. I could never be so perfectly obedient as to earn his approval. I am not in ministry because, by my own effort, I became a shining example of all that the gospel can produce. I have been freed from the bondage of convincing myself and others that I am worthy. I don’t need to privately argue for my worth or do things in public to prove it. Jesus perfectly measured up; he was perfectly worthy on my behalf. He accomplished what was impossible for me to accomplish so that I would be given standing that I did not or could never earn. I don’t have to live as if I am still on probation, still being evaluated. I have been accepted, and I have been called into ministry. I have earned neither. Both are gifts of grace. I come into ministry with nothing to prove but this: the gospel of Jesus Christ is reliable and true and has the power to both free and transform you and me.”

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  3. Rebecca, I think this is the longest testimony I’ve read, but it was well-worth the time – very encouraging. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


    • Lol – it is a l.o.n.g testimony.
      Makes me realise how far I have come though!

      Thank you for your kind words



  4. What a wonderful journey and calling. Great testimony. I feel drawn to share one of my two life Scriptures, Isaiah 30:21. “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way. Walk in it.’ “

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