Shame in Nakedness

We aren’t born with the need to cover our nakedness, but there comes a point where we intrinsically want to cover our “modesty”. I remember the feeling of needing to cover myself and the shame of being naked unintentionally, growing up

It is suggested that God’s light covered Adam and Eve before the fall. Hence why there was no shame as they were clothed in a “light of Righteousness” (Matthew 17:2). Yet, it wasn’t until Adam sinned that both Adam’s and Eve’s eyes were opened

Maybe they suddenly became aware of God’s goodness leaving them because suddenly their guilt was now being attached with shame

Either way, they both tried to “fix” the feeling of shame by covering themselves in fig leaves – which by all accounts, proved that humanity’s wisdom over God’s is futile as fig leaves wouldn’t be the most comfortable of garments due to their prickly edges

This then paints the beautiful picture of us needing Jesus to cover us and to cover our sins before the Father ultimately, as it is foolish to do things another way

How sad it must have been for Adam and Eve to realise the happiness they fell from to the sadness they now sat within

Guilt is an emotion to run to God with. There is nothing that we can do that will separate us from the love of God if we repent and turn from our sin. Adam and Eve’s biggest mistake (as is ours) is to try and cover up what we have done. Shame is ugly because instead of looking at the deed, it affects who we are and makes us try to hide from God

Friends, my prayer is that humanity will realise that we are still striving to cover ourselves up with inappropriate garments, which nonetheless make us feel ashamed and afraid in this world. It’s time to run into God’s arms and let Him surround us with His light once more

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