Eve’s Mistake

Eve’s biggest mistake was allowing the serpent to speak to her. When satan asked her that fatal question, she should have walked away, and yet, how easy is it for satan to tempt us?

Most of the time, humanity is now tempted directly by the world, but every so often, there will be a direct satanic attack to try and take us away from God

We need to understand Eve’s mistake because if she was deceived when she was in Eden – a place of no sin. How much easier is it for Satan to distract us in a world that he governs?

Once you understand satan’s schemes, we can begin to fight back. You see, it is all about direct revelation. The serpent didn’t go to Adam to ask that vital question for one good reason…God spoke directly to Adam, and so, if satan asked him, Adam could have replied “yes” to God, telling him not to eat from the tree

Yet, Adam told Eve what God had said, which was an indirect revelation for Eve. It was still correct information, but Eve couldn’t say specifically to satan that God had told her because He didn’t, and this is where the serpent is cunning

All too often, we have a revelation of Scripture through other people, whether that comes from podcasts, Instagram, or our pastors. Yet, although it might be truth, nothing can bring in doubt quicker into our hearts if we haven’t received direct revelation from God, Himself

This is why we need to read the Bible ourselves and build a relationship with God directly, because if/when satan then tries to come at us, and he will, we can be sure of what God has told us

Friends, Eve’s biggest mistake was not reaching out to God when doubt came into her mind, and I want to encourage you today that if temptation is knocking on your door…stop…go to God, and ask what He says you should do

The Word of God is our Spiritual Weapon for a reason, and that is why when Jesus was tempted in the desert for forty days, He always replied with Scripture – which is truth, and revelation from God

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