When Creation was Completed

It can be easy to read over the significance of Genesis 1:31. The fact that God had just spent six days bringing light and life from a void of darkness. We can read how God bought about order from chaos, and all for His glory

This is because Genesis 1:31 stands at the end of Elohim’s creative work. Already, He had stated six times that His creation was “good” (tov) which meant that everything was in harmony with how God intended it to be, but now, the seventh time, God confirms that everything was “very good” (hennah tov) which can be translated as “surely good”

In other words, within creation, we can look around and see God’s design and the intricacies of everything that God intended to be good. Yet, it wasn’t until He created man that creation was then complete – it was very good

We need to remember that the world was invaded by sin. Sin was not inherent to it, and so, it can be removed entirely when God achieves His purposes through Christ

We saw a glimpse of sin being removed when God came to earth as a man. When Jesus healed the blind man, He could have healed all blindness within the world but chose to show what could be if we followed the order He designed. When Jesus raised the dead, He showed that death had no power for those of us who chose Him, and when He fed the 5,000, Jesus showed us what it would be like to live with an abundance

We need to understand that God could have come down from heaven and saved us right there and then, but His creation was created to glorify Him in truth, and therefore, we have a choice as to whether we follow Him, whether we choose Him, and whether we will live to glorify Him

Genesis 1:31 is a verse that speaks of God’s fundamental goodness in making the world, but it is also a verse that brings hope to the darkness of the world we see today because what God started as good will be complete on the day of Christ’s return

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Rebecca Brand

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