Three Classes of Creatures

God, again, uses the earth (just like in verse eleven) to produce (or create) the living creatures of this world. This means that He made them from something that already existed, and so, just like the plants, the earth bought forth all the land animals in perfect form

How incredible is it that in the 21st Century, we are still discovering species that God created? There is an infinite number of variety (both still alive and even those that are now extinct), but this shows Elohim (creator) using His power and His sense of humour

I often think about “what God was thinking” when He created the bumblebee, the peacock, fleas, platypuses, and other weird and wacky creatures! But, as much as we have weird, there is also a tremendous amount of beauty as well . For me, when I look at creatures like a scarlet macaw, the Bengal tiger, the glass-wing butterfly, or the poison dart frog, I have an overwhelming sense of awe for who God is

On day six – like day three – these days are distinguishable from God “double creating”, with this day being land animals and man

Yet, the earth provides us with three well-defined species:

1) Cattle (behemah) – which are the animals that are domesticated and classed as “dumb”. These animals are seen as the herbivores

2) Creatures that move on the ground (remes) – these are the moving animals without feet or ones whose feet are small

3) Wild animals (chayyah) – these are the animals that roam free, and today, are seen as carnivores

Again, Elohim emphasised that all the creatures were made “according to its kind”, which reiterates that although we have tremendous amounts of variety with a kind, one kind will never become another

Prayer: Father, thank you that we have the weird, the wacky, and the most breathtaking creatures to gaze upon. Thank you, that we also have an infinite number of creatures that are yet to be discovered. Your works are too numerous to imagine, and yet, everything was created with us in mind. Father, we praise you for who You are, this morning, in Jesus’ name

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