The Sun, The Moon & The Stars

We now know that the stars that we see in the night sky are as big as our sun and that scientists even believe that the Milky Way is 625,000 billion miles across!

Yet, these verses simply show our infinite and omnipotent God, did not need the sun, moon, and stars to provide light on the days before the third day – because God is light! God, Himself, was the light for the first three days of Creation (just as He will be in the new heavens and new earth).

This is, therefore, why, He created fruit-bearing trees (without seed) on day three and without them needing “sunlight” because He provided everything required for their nourishment

Since the beginning of time, man has used God’s provision of the sun, moon, and stars to mark and measure time and direction, but this is the reason why I love the Cosmos so much because it is having facts like God knowing exactly how far was needed to set the sun from the earth – anything different would mean the life would be impossible – but these facts mean that everything points to our Creator

Something that I have only noticed just recently, was the different use of words used in Genesis one:

“create” (Hebrew = bara) is used three times in chapter one. But, this implies bringing something new into existence

“made” (Hebrew = asah) is used seven times in chapter one, and this implies bringing something new into existence by working with or making use of things created previously

God created everything, but He only made use of the sun, the moon, and the stars in verse sixteen by designating specific functions for the sun and moon, and He also corrected the orbits of them into the perfect cycles (24 hour/365 days) so that from this point onwards, we had time as we know it today

Father, thank you that nothing is by chance, and whether you “created” or “made” something, we can see that it was all done by your hand. Thank you, Lord, that you thought of everything that we needed to thrive in this world, but ultimately, the One thing that we all need is You

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Rebecca Brand

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