What Came First…

How incredible is this verse to see that God did not use seeds, but instead, the earth created fully-grown plants and trees, which meant that the planet now ceased to be a “waste”. God had made a rich provision for all the animals (and even man) that were to come days later

Although, this verse kind of answers the great old question of “what came first” because God didn’t need the egg to come before the chicken when He could just speak things into being!

It’s important to note that the phrase:

According to its kind

Because it appears ten times in Genesis chapter one. This means that although God allows evolution (or variation) within a kind, Scripture shows us that one kind will never develop into something else

Everything that God has created was made for a reason. In other words, there is a purpose for all that has been created, but also God said “it was good” in His eyes. God observes His creation to be good seven times in Genesis 1. I believe this shows that He has an intentional design and everything in the world met His approval – this is a good reminder that He has authority as our Creator to judge something good (or not) and therefore, we should be able to trust Him completely

Prayer: Father, I thank you that you created everything we see. I thank you that we can stand in awe of who you ultimately are and know that you are a good good Father. Father, today, I put my trust in you, knowing that your plan for my life is far greater than anything that I could ever think or imagine on my own. Thank you, Father, for your love and mercy

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Rebecca Brand

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