It was Good…

Have you ever wondered why God only said the words “it was good” after day two?

Up until this point, God has created light, the firmament, and the sky, but it is not until He has completed the land and the seas that “God saw that it was good.”

Whilst commentaries don’t specifically tell us the reason, and nor does Scripture; we can see that although previously the waters were parted, completion of the waters being gathered into one place didn’t happen until verse nine

We can also see from this verse that God spoke, and the water listened to our Creator and came into alignment to form the seas. For anyone who has followed me for any length of time here, you will know my passion for the ocean. I love that it remains within its parameters and that no matter how ferocious, God commands the waters to stop at its shorelines

It also fascinates me that we can read in verse nine that the water moved into place and then dry land appeared, not that the land arose and then the seas were fixed into position. Nothing that God did was by chance, and it’s incredible to think of the seas being orchestrated by Him. Especially as we are taught that the seas are controlled by the tidal force of the moon’s gravitational pull, and yet, the moon wasn’t even created yet

At this point, God hasn’t filled the earth with life, and yet, He still says it was good. He had formed the mountains, the rolling hills, flat plains and valleys. All of these beautiful landscapes would have been simply barren at that time because vegetation came after this, but, God still said that they were good because this was the basis – the foundation – of what was to come

Father, I thank you that nothing is by chance and that you created the perfect world for your loved ones to be in, but also that we get to enjoy the wonders of this land. Father, thank you that the Scriptures are so rich and that we can continuously learn more about you as we look around in our surroundings

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