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This verse is a simple statement that God created everything that we know and are yet to see. But, then, this gives us this concept of who He is, and also, it will confront our modern-day thinking? along with the different belief systems over the generations

This statement will undoubtedly stand the test of time because it tells quite a bit about who God is. For starters, to create the heavens and the earth, God has to be infinite and outside of time or the physical realm in which we live

Deism believes that God is beyond the universe but not involved in the world. Atheism simply believes there is no God. Pantheism believes God is everything. Polytheism believes in many gods but that they have limited power and are finite. Yet, in this verse, it refutes all of those belief systems and immediately introduces us to theism, which means that there is an infinite God beyond the universe

How God created the earth will remain a mystery (until we meet Him), but the Bible shows us that One Supreme God created the world from His great love and gave us a special place to which we call “home”

I always wondered why God put Genesis at the start of Scripture. I mean, if He were really only a God of rules and regulations and laws, then surely God would have skipped the stories and just started Scripture with the commandments of the Torah?

Yet, God knew that one day His Jewish people would be accused of stealing the land of Israel, and therefore, in response, the Jews can simply point to Scripture which shows that because God is our creator, which means, He can do whatever He pleases, and thus, Israel is God’s to give to Abraham and His descendants

Father, thank you that you are our God who created the heavens and the earth. I know I can put my trust in You because You are the omniscient and omnipresent God. Father, I pray that you will bring that revelation to those who need it so that they too can realise how much you love them

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