Still Believe

I always love the notion that darkness is the absence of light, and therefore, because we are God’s light-bearers, no one in the world should be in total darkness

Yet, God to us is so much more than the source of light. As Kim Walker-Smith says in one of her songs:

“He is the Higher Power that darkness cannot stand”

Still believe (Kim Walker-Smith)

This means that no matter what we are going through…with God…we can conquer anything, and we can achieve everything He set in motion because He is still more powerful than this world

I felt like someone needed to be reminded today that there is no mountain too high or valley too low that God’s love can not find you

I also wanted to remind someone this morning that the reason that the darkness of this world hates God so much is that His love can permeate the very depths of our hardened cores, and in that, show us that we are victorious through Him

Friends, do not take your eyes off Jesus. Still believe that God has you. Still believe that God loves you. Still believe that this season of darkness will not last forever!

Remind yourself this morning that God loves you. That God chooses you. That you are priceless in God’s eyes, and therefore, worth the sacrifice that Jesus made

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”

John 1:5

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