Rainbows ๐ŸŒˆ

I love to see rainbows covering the expanse of the sky because it instantly reminds me of God’s promises

I wanted to give someone this quick reminder because sometimes we get so bogged down by the grind of life that we forget God’s goodness never fails

Before eternity past, God set in motion that we would be alive (at this point) because He knew that the world needed us to be here, now. He also knew that sin was too great for us to bear, and so, He sent Jesus to take away the power of sin in our lives, which meant that we were free to love God and to love others the way He intended

Here’s the thing. Sometimes, we get dealt a rough hand, which usually results from other people’s choices, but it can be caused by us making the wrong decisions as well, but this is something we need to remember…

We are not powerful enough to change what God has already foretold!

Therefore, my encouragement for us today is that life might not be how we imagined it right now, but the next time we see a rainbow, remember God’s promise that Jesus is coming soon. That needs to be enough for us to hold on because all of God’s promises have been true, and they begin and end with Christ

โ€œFor all of Godโ€™s promises have been fulfilled in Christโ€

โ€ญโ€ญ2 Corinthiansโ€ฌ โ€ญ1:20

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Rebecca Brand

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