As a Little Girl

I wish that I knew as a little girl how much God loved me and that He was with me no matter what I went through. I imagine how much that would have shaped the decisions that I eventually went on to make. Yet, we are unable to change the past, and I have had to learn to continually release shame in order to move forward, and walk in my purpose

So many times I have felt alone within my lifetime, and yet, a few years ago, when I began to face all the traumatic events that had occured, God took me back – starting from when I was born – to show me where He was during those times

I remember when God spoke to me when I first found Him – fifteen years ago – and He showed me a better way. A way to begin to love me and treat my body the way He intended. I did not understand that God dwelled within me from the moment I said the sinner’s prayers

Therefore, it wasn’t until Bible College, where they talked about “Life Scriptures”, that God took me back to when I found Him in order to give the Scripture that I have held onto since then

Just like the city of Jerusalem being delivered, in Psalm 46, God showed me that He is a place of security but also protects what is His

Because Yahweh dwells within me, I realised that no matter what life throws at me – just like Jerusalem – I will not fall.

Friends, take courage, that when there is darkness all around you, hold onto the fact that the Lord has spoken, and although there may be weeping within the night, joy definitely comes in the morning

You are God’s most prized possession and He loved you before the beginning of time. Therefore, let me encourage you, that if we can read time and time again of God’s unfailing goodness, and if I can shout from the rooftops of God’s goodness in my life, then your break of day is definitely coming as well

“God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.”

Psalm 46:5

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Rebecca Brand

My hearts desire is for everyone to have an intimate relationship with Christ. To hear the voice of God and to experience His presence. Also, to help disciple others to discover their purpose within the body of Christ - through the power of the Holy Spirit.

My God-given dream is to break down barriers within life and the Church as a whole to strengthen and develop relationships within every denomination and bring unity - so that we will collectively raise up together and fulfil the Great Commission, within this lifetime.

I am living proof that no matter what your past was or whatever your life has become - God will use you to fulfil what He created you to do, when you step out in obedience and faith.

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