In this day and age, we are able to go online and listen to a sermon from any part of the world that we choose, and it is incredible that we have opportunities to do so, at a touch of a button, however, we need to remember that just because preachers/teachers of the word have a following, doesn’t mean that they are teaching the Word

In 1 Timothy, we can read about those false teachers who wanted to become famous as teachers of God’s Law, but they didn’t understand the law’s main purpose

God never intended to give believers a long list of commands for every occasion, but to show unbelievers their sin and bring them into a relationship with God

Yet, these teachers were arguing about details of the Bible that were sending them on irrelevant tangents and causing others to miss the intend of God’s message

Just like in Ephesus, we should not allow anything to distract us from the Good News of salvation in Jesus

All too often, I continue to read posts of people having the main focus of me, myself, and I, and yet, whilst testimony is powerful in bringing others on a journey of God’s goodness in our lives, everything that we say or do, should be pointing others towards Jesus, rather than ourselves

Friends, we need to know what the Bible says, apply it to our lives, and then teach it to others – it’s really that simple – because when we do this, we will elevate all of our teachings to bring it into God’s light of His truth – Jesus

It’s time that we sift through the dross of preachers and teachers and keep the gold of only those pointing us towards Jesus so that we can continue to encourage and equip each other in these last days

“They want to be known as teachers of the law of Moses, but they don’t know what they are talking about, even though they speak so confidently.”

1 Timothy 1:7

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Rebecca Brand

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