Fruits of the Spirit – Patience

Most people hear the word “patience”, and either “sigh” deeply or simply roll their eyes when this word comes up (in Christian circles)

The thought of having to wait on God’s perfect timing, or trusting that the Lord hasn’t “forgotten” us regarding that vision or dream for our lives, can leave us utterly exhausted – and yet, most of us still believe in His promises, even if we have cried out to God “when Lord?” for what seems like the billionth time.

As for me, ask any of my close friends to put “Rebecca” and “patience” together, and they will probably laugh! However, in the following sentence, they will then reaffirm the “journey” of growth that they have watched me step into, because (hopefully) I have now learnt to embrace the growing-pains with this, to remain faithful in the call that God has placed on my life, and step into a season of growth whenever “patience” is required.

In the Bible, two Greek words translate as “patience” the New Testament. Hupomonē means to “remain under” as one bears a burden, and Makrothumia, which is the translation used in Galatians 5:22 which literally means “long temper”. Therefore, in relation to a patient person, makrothumia means that they can endure much pain and/or suffering without complaining – this is how you know that makrothumia can only be possessed within our lives, through the power of the Holy Spirit!

When I think of makrothumia, I instantly have King David come to mind because patience comes from a position of power in trusting God. In other words, we may have the ability to take revenge, but this kind of patience brings careful thinking and self-restraint.

God does not want us to live in agitation but to have a life of peace. He wants us to have hope and a life of praise instead of discouragement, but most of all, God wants us to love others because vengeance is His alone. When we are patient, it leaves room for God to move in our hearts, and we then trust in God’s timing, and ultimately, having patience means that will allow God to be God

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Rebecca Brand

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