Mount of Olives

Today, we are looking at the Mount of Olives. Honestly, when I started this series on the Mountains, I had never realised how much has occurred at this Mountain already, but also, the significance of what is to come through the fulfilment of prophecy!

Mount of Olives stands at 2710ft tall and is located on the east side of the Jerusalem. The Mount is separated from the city walls by a ravine and the brook Kidron. You will also read about this Mountain in Scripture as “Olivet” in KJV (2 Samuel 15:30 & Acts 1:12) or “the mount facing Jerusalem” (1 Kings 11:7).

In the Old Testament, the Mount of Olives is referred to once concerning King David as this is where he went with his men, weeping, after his son, Absolom, took control of the city and David fled via the eastern route (2 Samuel 15:30). You will also read how King Solomon partook in idol worship at Mount of Olives (1 Kings 11:7) and how Ezekiel has a vision of the glory of the Lord departing Jerusalem and coming to rest “above the mountain east of it” (Ezekiel 11:23).

In the New Testament, Jesus came to the Mount of Olives whenever He is in the vicinity of Jerusalem (Luke 22:39). Also, every time Jesus visited Lazarus and Mary and Martha, He was at Mount of Olives as their home in Bethany, is located on the eastern slope of the mount.

During the last week of Jesus’ life, it is recorded that He visited this mount three times, but each time a significant event occurred there. The first time was at the “Triumphal Entry” where Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey (Luke 19:29-30). The second visit is when Jesus speaks in what is now known as the “Olivet Discourse” (Matthew 24:1-25:46). This is basically the details of the future tribulation period and the second coming of Jesus after that period. The third visit is when he was at the Garden of Gethsemane, as this too is located at the western slope of the Mount of Olives. This is where Jesus is said to have sweated like drops of blood in anticipation of what is to come (Luke 22:44).

Jesus also stood at the Mount of Olives, post His resurrection and blessed His disciples, but this is where He ascended to Heaven (Luke 24:50-52). In Acts 1:11, an Angel tells the Disciples that this is where Jesus will return too, but in doing so, this will fulfil the prophecy from Zechariah 14:4.

All in all, this mountain plays significant parts throughout the Bible and for what is to come. Still, the thing that I love most about this mount is, the place where David wept in defeat and where Jesus was betrayed, is the very place where Jesus will return and be triumphant over all His enemies! Thank you, Lord 🙌🏼

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