Mount of Beatitudes

I am so excited that you are joining me as we discover some of the different mountains written within Scripture and what stories and lessons we can receive around this!

Today, I want to talk through the “Mount of Beatitudes” which is also known as the “Sermon on the Mount”. This is not quite a mountain (as we know it) but think of it more like a hillside, near Capernaum.

Jesus gave His “sermon” (probably over several days), but within this teaching, Jesus proclaimed to His followers His attitude towards the Law. This challenged any proud or legalistic leaders by reminding them that obedience to God is always more important than legalistic works.

Some would say that the “sermon” begins with contradictions. However, God’s ways are not ours! Therefore, God’s way of living will more than often contradict the world’s. Following God generally means that we must stand against what seems “strange” to the world. For instance, things like giving to others when it is more natural to take. Loving when others hate. To help and serve people when others persecute etc.

The beatitudes should be taken as a whole, and therefore, we don’t get to pick and choose, but rather, these eight key lessons describe what we should be like as Christ’s followers (I will do another study to show what each means, as I can’t cram everything into one post!)

However, there are four ways to understand the lessons Jesus spoke:

  • They are a standard of conduct for all believers
  • It shows a contrast between Kingdom values (what is eternal) with worldly ones (what is temporary)
  • They show what is an artificial faith compared to what Christ wants from us
  • When you understand the key lessons, it revealed how Old Testament expectations would be fulfilled when Christ returns

Each beatitude tells how to be “blessed” (which – to me – means more than being happy with our circumstances). Therefore, the beatitudes don’t promise earthly pleasures, because to Jesus, being “blessed” means to experience hope and joy. In other words, the most profound form of happiness is found from following Jesus, no matter what the cost.

As Kingdom people, we should have a different attitude or outlook on life. We need to reflect humility, and that means picking up our cross, daily, to have the same selflessness that Jesus showed towards others.

“a great reward awaits you in heaven.”

Matthew 5:12

Join me tomorrow as we discover Mount Carmel ⛰️

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