The Three Part Process

Over the weekend, I was preparing my sermon, and my Bible opened up to this well-known verse.

Typically, I would have simply carried on flicking to the verse that I was looking for, yet, I have come to understand when the Spirit is leading me to go deeper in Scripture with Him

“He replied, “What is impossible for people is possible with God.””

Luke 18:27

You see, in both the Gospels of Matthew (19:26) and Mark (10:27) they each say “with man”, but in the book of Luke, he says “for people” – game-changer right?!?

For me, it highlighted a few things that changed my stance on this verse, because reading this from Luke, it shows that the things we think are impossible for man are possible with God. In other words, it becomes a partnership. As we try to walk through life on our own, we understand that there are certain things that we simply can’t do – they are impossible to the naked eye. Yet, when we are stepping into God’s footprints (as He leads and guides us through those same circumstances) there is a spiritual shift that allows the impossible to happen…

God leads you to leave your job, and yet, you still have enough money to pay all your bills…

That diagnosis said three months, yet, three years later, you are still serving Jesus, and so on

Also, there seems to be a three-part-process with life towards this Scripture.

Firstly, we fight with the reality mentioned above – that we want to try to do things all on our own – so we try anyway.

Secondly, we then realise that we can not do certain things, and this is where a lot of us ”get stuck.” because we become defeated in our strive to achieve the impossible that we don’t press into the third part to see these things come into fruition

Thirdly, is where we understand that God is God, and we are not. Therefore, if He says ”step” then by faith, we walk with Him, and see the miracles…the blessings…the breakthroughs…the cure…the result…whatever it might be…WITH GOD, all things are possible

So, this morning, are we still trying to do things within our own strength? Or, did we give up a while ago, and we have become stagnant within our journey called life?

I want to encourage us today, that unless God reaches down into our circumstances, our realities will never change. So, therefore, I encourage us to remember that the self-sufficient person needs to realise his or her need to come to Jesus

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Rebecca Brand

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