We are His Beloved

The verse found in Psalm 60:5 shows David’s real thoughts about God and His people.

Verse five starts with a selah moment (interlude) which means that we need to pause and reflect on the words being spoken to us.

David understood that despite God’s people taking a defeat at that point, that they needed to press further into God into order to be rescued.

In other words, looking at the outside in, the enemy would have thought that the Israelites were losing that battle, but David knew, and loved, the God he served, and therefore, choose to cry out to the Lord to rescue them because no matter what their circumstances looked like, David served God and trusted Him to save them.

When I paused and reflected on this verse, the word ”beloved” stood out for me. This is because, naturally, I would have prayed for God to rescue His ”chosen” people, and yet, the word David uses appeals to God’s own heart. Beloved is the word for the strongest of relationships, or, most loved people. We know that God is love, and therefore, David was asking God to remember the people He loved the most, and from this, to save them.

Friends, do we realise that God beloves us? That we are chosen by name to be rescued – and not just from eternal flames – but by the weight of this world, on a daily basis. God loves each one of us, and as David points out, this is not a fragile love, but it is the strongest of loves. The strongest love that He takes a part of Himself to die in order to rescue His beloved children.

David shows us that no matter how bad things got, David would repent, pray, and have faith that God would return to rescue them.

Yet, today, if we are too scared with where we find ourselves, or even if we find ourselves afraid of God, Himself, because of the shame we feel, let’s remind ourselves that God made way for us to return to Him, through Jesus, who becomes our banner of love to cover us and therefore receive God’s protection.

“Now rescue your beloved people. Answer and save us by your power.”

Psalm 60:5

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Rebecca Brand

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