Are You “Super”?

Paul was not one of the original twelve apostles who were chosen by Jesus. Plus, Paul did not know Jesus personally, nor was Paul with Jesus during Jesus’ ministry

Yet, Paul brings sarcasm and wit into 2 Corinthians 12 when he assures the church that his standing as one of God’s Apostles, is real if they only look at what God had done through him, by signs, wonders, and miracles

How many of us still look at popularity, or at outward successes of others, that make us feel inferior within our ministry?

These “super-apostles” were bold, successfully talented, and respected but also to note, they wanted money from the church itself. Therefore, the Corinth church was comparing Paul to this, and that is why Paul ends up defending himself. Paul was the complete opposite with humility; he was persecuted; had physical ailments; and stated that he never burdened the church (v13) Yet, the Corinthians thought all of these things made them a lesser church

Friends, Paul did not merely reveal his feelings, but he was defending his authority as an apostle of Jesus Christ. Paul was hurt that the church did not protect him, but they questioned and doubted him, and so, Paul defended himself for the cause of the Gospel

This is what I love about Paul, in that, he wasn’t a skilled speaker compared to others, but he authentically spoke about the Gospel. He also didn’t exploit the church, because he says that this shows his love for them and the Lord

Therefore, by the world’s standards, others might be more successful, but at the end of it all, as long as we have been faithful to God, that is all that truly matters

Plus, let’s face it, we are all “super” in His eyes anyway, if we are following Christ

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Rebecca Brand

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