It’s All in God’s Hands

A few months ago, if you have followed me for a while, you will know that we went through the ”Proverbs Challenge” which gives us an array of Godly wisdom. Now, Solomon wrote both books, but in Ecclesiastes, Solomon takes us on a journey throughout his life, which the applications are as relevant today, as they were around 3,000 years ago

This was a man who had it all, and he stated that life was meaningless, yet, his conclusion was to ”fear God and keep His Commandments” (chapter 12:13-14)

If you remember, when Solomon became King, he asked God for wisdom (2 Chronicles 1:7-12) and he did indeed become the wisest man in the world (1 Kings 4:29-34) But despite all this, Solomon failed to keep his own advice, and he went on a downward spiral

Yet, there was hope, because, towards the end of Solomon’s life, he came with an attitude of humility and repentance that saw him pen this beautiful account of taking stock of the world he had experienced, but also, advising so that others would be spared the bitterness of learning that everything apart from God is genuinely meaningless

The reality is that this book can be seen as negative, yet, so much practical and spiritual wisdom can be found within these pages because Solomon gives us a very honest approach to life

Friends, Solomon gives us the purpose of life, which is that, life is supposed to draw us to seek true happiness found in God alone. This book isn’t supposed to destroy our hope in life, but to direct us to the only One who can truly fulfil our hopes and dreams

People are searching, every day, for purpose, and yet, I realised long ago, that the more I searched for knowledge, relationships, work and pleasure, I realised how little I had, because there was no real pleasure until I found God – without Christ there was no real satisfaction

The cure for my emptiness was to centre on God, but in doing so, it meant that I needed to ”listen” to the words God spoke through His word, because life is short, and therefore, we need Godly wisdom to understand that somethings we will never understand.

The irony in this is to show us that if we listen to God, He will spare us from bitterness and instead give us a hope that goes beyond death

“Accept the way God does things, for who can straighten what he has made crooked?”

Ecclesiastes 7:13

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