Proverbs Challenge (Day 28)

Who is excited for Day 28 of the Proverbs Challenge? There are only three days left, after today, so let’s finish well!

Today, we are reading through Chapter 28, and the verse below is the one that spoke to me:

“God detests the prayers of a person who ignores the law.”

Proverbs 28:9

My Thoughts: “Detest” is such a strong word, but when I think about this word, I feel it’s more powerful than the word “hate” (even though they mean basically the same thing) because “detest” is used less frequently, and so, when we “hear” it spoken, it packs more of a punch in our hearts.

Thinking back to Jesus, His strongest comments were always aimed at the Religious Leaders, because of how hypocritical they were. This was because they would speak one thing and do another.

Therefore, the same goes for us, because when our outward actions don’t meet our inward thoughts, this is when God has issues

My Reflection: This Scripture is sobering because it clearly states that God will not listen to our prayers if we intend to go back to our sin as soon as we have finished speaking to Him. Those are the prayers God detests!

However, God readily listens to those of us (no matter how bad our sin is) if we wholeheartedly wish to turn from our ways and follow Him

We seem to forget that God sees our innermost thoughts, and therefore, what makes God angry is not the depth of our sin, but our secret intent to do it again!

This Proverb draws me to David’s prayer, where he asks God to “test his heart.” I want to be right in the eyes of the LORD, and therefore, my focus is not on worldly beliefs, but on the Word alone

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Rebecca Brand

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