Proverbs Challenge (Day 13)

Good morning! Today, is Day 13 of the Proverbs Challenge, so let’s see what Chapter 13 has to say

When I read the proverb that I studied this morning, I realised that this is probably one of the most profound proverbs ever written by Solomon, because although most of the time, our families are blood-related, it’s our friendships that shape who we are, and ultimately, what we can become

Who has heard of the old saying: ”A rotten apple spoils the barrell” – this is so true because we can be the wisest person and have fools for friends and so become one. Yet, a fool can then hang around with the wise, and change their life around to walk with wisdom

For this reason, the Proverb that challenged me is from verse 20

My thoughts: When most of us need advice, generally we go to our friends. This is why friendships affect us so profoundly, and why we need to be careful with whom we choose as our closest friends

Friends are people who accept who we are and will usually agree with what our thoughts and feelings are, but this is why friends might not help us with difficult problems. Therefore, because we usually hang around with like-minded people, friends might not have any advice that we haven’t already heard

My reflection: When I think of wise people, they might not necessarily be older, but these people have experienced a lot in life – and succeeded, and therefore, because of this, they aren’t afraid to tell us the truth

Sometimes my biggest downfalls have come from not listening to the wisdom of others

I often say that those friends in my ”inner circle” are whom I consider to be wise. Therefore, no matter whether I like what they have to say, I will listen to their words of wisdom, and act upon it accordingly

What verse challenged you this today from Proverbs 13?

“Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.”

Proverbs 13:20

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