Proverbs Challenge (Day 12)

Thank you for joining me for Day 12 of the Proverbs Challenge! I am so encouraged by you all, in how God is allowing us to go deeper into His Word, so thanks again for sharing with me

Today, the very first verse struck a chord with me, so I will go through Proverbs 12:1:

“To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction.”

Proverbs 12:1

My Thoughts: You know, as a child, I loved to learn. I was the child who did all of her homework by herself. My mum was talking to Sarai (my daughter) about this the other day, with how my mum never did any homework with me. As a child, I wanted to find the books (before the internet) and research what I needed to learn. But, in fact, since finding God, I have realised that fourteen years on, that thirst to be taught about God’s ways, is still as strong as when I first found Christ

I love to learn, and explore God’s truths, but I also find it exciting to challenge my way of thinking, and to ask “why” I think and/or feel the way I do? (As I mentioned the other day)

This is what I love about the Proverbs Challenge because it requires discipline to continually press into God, and to seek Him, daily. But, to also become vulnerable with allowing God to challenge our thinking – that is how I think, we grow

My Reflection: If we are someone who doesn’t want to learn, then our school-life will teach us very little over time. However, if we are someone who desires to be taught, then there is no end to what can be learnt

This verse talks about discipline because being able to accept correction from others is another method of obtaining wisdom. Therefore, on the other hand, a person who refuses this “wisdom” can have a problem with pride, because they always want to be right, and this is what Solomon states as stupid

I’d love to hear what verses, or couplet, spoke to you?

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