Proverbs Challenge (Day 7)

My goodness, it’s Day 7 of the Proverbs Challange, and I can’t quite believe a week has gone by already!!

Today, we are reading Proverbs 7, and this Proverb is another warning about adultery, but it depicts from the adulteress – although honestly, this advice isn’t just directed towards young men, and therefore, young women need to pay attention to the facts in this as well

However, I wanted to unpack Proverbs 7:4 because this spoke to me in a simple kind of way

“Love wisdom like a sister; make insight a beloved member of your family.”

Proverbs 7:4

My thoughts: I love the imagery that this Scripture brings and how Scripture paints a picture of family, to me…God as our Father, Jesus as a Brother, and now Wisdom is portrayed as a loving sister…Wow!

But, wisdom and ourselves aren’t just family members that simply get together on special occasions, because Proverbs 7:4 shows us that wisdom and insight should become ”beloved” members of our family. In other words, someone or something that we love very much, and therefore, we always want to be around them

My reflection: I always wanted a sister growing up because I thought that having a sister would mean, I had someone to rely on and to guide me when needed, and I believe wisdom shows us this truth in Proverbs 7:4

A sister is someone trustworthy, and sometimes that means she might not say something that we want to hear, but we listen, take note, and then act towards the things spoken

Wisdom and insight are from God, and therefore, a sister will generally learn from the head of the family – our Heavenly Father. So the next time Wisdom speaks, we need to remember that God is calling us back to Him as we are drifting in either thought or deed

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