Peace Holds Me

I connect with God through worship, but it’s the ability for us to partner with Heaven, as we surrender our hearts to God’s, that mostly fills me with joy

Music has been a comfort in times of need. Music has soothed my soul when my heart was broken. Music has made my heart sing, with praise, before the breakthrough. But, ultimately, music is such a big part of my relationship with God, because that is where I experience God’s peace amongst His presence

Music is the gateway, for the peace of God to hold me. His peace has held me when I’m broken, and let’s face it, life can be one big broken mess at the best of times

So often we forget that Jesus left us His peace, intentionally, and yet, we still accept the chaos that the world brings us

Friends, I pray that you let go of your heart being troubled. Your world might be falling all around, but if there is one thing that I have learnt, it’s that when I fall to my knees and breathe in His peace, no matter what happens, I hold onto God’s promises, and His peace has then held me until the breakthrough comes

Worship God this morning, and allow His peace to shelter you, to love you, and to protect you

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you

John 14:27

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