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The story of Elijah being fed by ravens has always been significant to me because there have been times in my life when God has given provision in ways that I questioned because they were ”unorthodox.”

Naively, I always thought that God’s provision would always come from a Christian, or from heaven directly, yet, God showed me this passage after I spent time with Him on this subject

Even when I first read this story many years ago, I was fascinated that God would use a bird that He had declared was unclean (within the book of Leviticus) to feed His servant, Elijah, who wanted to die in the wilderness

The raven is an omnivore, yet, they will also feed on carcasses and garbage, which makes them unclean. So, for God to send ravens with bread and meat (when the raven’s instinct is to devour food) shows God’s power to ensure His will will be done

This story is a powerful reflection of God’s grace and love, in that all of creation, is His, even if they do not follow His ways, but that, provision can come to us in unusual ways. This is why I have learnt, to not be too quick to dismiss something until we have sought the Lord

Friends, I am not saying that every unorthodox method of provision is from God – we need to use discernment and seek God for confirmation – but so many times, we can dismiss situations in our lives, because we think that God would never do ______?

Therefore, this morning, I encourage us to read this passage and allow God to speak, because there could be areas in our lives where we are forgoing blessing simply because we didn’t think God would move in a certain way

“Drink from the brook and eat what the ravens bring you, for I have commanded them to bring you food.”

1 Kings 17:4

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Rebecca Brand

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