Love from Sarai

Over the last few days, I have been reflecting on our daughter, Sarai, during this lockdown

She has continued to surprise me with her mature outlook over this covid-19 journey, but because her love language is “acts of service” we would usually find Sarai helping someone at church, or I’d hear about Sarai volunteering to help in some way at school, and that genuinely filled up her “tank”.

Yet, over the last seven weeks, Sarai has had moments where she has struggled not to be interacting with other’s face-to-face, or surrounding herself with her peers, because there have been no options but to safeguard against this pandemic

Then, one day, Sarai came home, proudly, after a walk along the local beach with my Mum, and announced that she had made something “for everyone to enjoy, and hoped it would bring a smile to people’s faces during this sad time.”

Later that day, I went to the beach, with Sarai, and she showed me shells which she had made into a heart shape. She proudly sat there with the dog (who wasn’t as impressed) but Sarai’s spirit lifted before my eyes as I watched her declare that “everyone needs some love right now” – so this photo is from Sarai

One thing I have struggled with, as a mum, was that our love language is very different, but over time, I have learnt to embrace Sarai’s need to show love through simple acts, because I realised that she wants to do everything with love, no matter what the task

Friends, our lives are very limited right now, but there are still ways to show Gods love, and my eleven-year-old keeps reminding me just how simple that can be

“Do everything with love.”

1 Corinthians 16:14

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