Where are You Running Too?

Currently, there are a lot of scared and worried people, because daily, we are hearing on the news of death, and new infection, from the Coronavirus, globally

Honestly, the world currently saddens me, because there are people throughout it, who don’t know how to trust in God to guide them, when in doubt, and they don’t understand that God protects us, when in danger

Of course, we need to follow guidelines, and advice from Health or Government officials, but I went to the Grocery store to buy milk, only to be told at the checkout, about an elderly gentleman who had come in earlier, distressed, because he couldn’t buy porridge oats, and then I witnessed a lady in front of me, who had that much bread in her trolley, that it was falling out onto the floor – she looked and gingerly smiled, with worry in her eyes

Friends, placing all hope in God right now, and knowing that God is ultimately in control, allows us to wait patiently for Him to rescue us, and letโ€™s face it, real relief wonโ€™t come when the Coronavirus gets under control, because more problems will always be on their way

Real relief only comes when we run towards God, and into His arms, knowing that we have hope in His ultimate salvation

I want to encourage you this morning, that if you are worried, or fearful, pour out your heart to God, but then allow Him to bring comfort to your soul so that you are living in peace each day

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Rebecca Brand

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