It’s Always His

Sometimes it can be hard when you have been working towards recognition, or you want to be recognised as gifted in a certain way, to then turn that attention away from ourselves

However, even though Joseph had correctly interpreted dreams before, he now stood before the most powerful man in Egypt, to do so again

Yet, Joseph wasn’t worried because he knew the glory was God’s to have anyway

We need to remember to be ready in all seasons because, usually, the most important opportunities come when we least expect them, because life is always about more of Him, so that, it becomes less about us

Joseph had been in prison for years, and so, he had no time to prepare, to meditate, no warning to seek God, when Pharaoh wanted want to speak to him. Yet, Joseph was ready, because of his right relationship with God. Joseph knew that it wasn’t his knowledge of dreams, but the knowledge came from God

Therefore, Joseph gave all credit to God, and we should be careful to do the same

Friends, when opportunities come knocking at our doors, do not be afraid, or silent, when we know that God should always receive the glory in our lives

“It is beyond my power to do this,” Joseph replied. “But God can tell you what it means and set you at ease.”?

Genesis 41:16

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