Life-Changing Moments

Six years ago, Kieren, Sarai, and I left our home in Cornwall, UK, to step out in faith, the message that God had inscribed on Kieren’s heart

We knew no-one in New Zealand. Our families thought it was nothing more than a pipe dream, whilst other loved ones thought we were joking, and yet, on the 13th January 2014, we boarded a plane to begin the journey of our lives

I look back now, and ask myself, would I change anything? The simple answer is ”no.” Simply because, when God asks something of us, it is never with the full picture of what is to come. Instead, He lovingly gives us ”seeds of understanding” and a peace, that He is with us. Then we are asked to trust Him, as we step out into the unknown

The journey hasn’t been comfortable at times, and we had weeks where there wasn’t any money in our bank account, as we continued to pave our way into new territory.

There was weeks where I wanted lifelong-friends to just ”know” how I was feeling by my random text message, and not have to explain my life story to essentially, strangers. Yet, God had other plans for those strangers to become ”family” and I have learnt that vulnerability can have the most profound effect within our spiritual walk

Vulnerability allows God to work in and through us, as we trust, that those people have been bought into our lives for a reason. The vulnerability to walk into the supermarket, in faith, knowing that there was no money, but then, having the exact amount required to pay at check-out. The vulnerability to be obedient to go to Bible college, set up a ministry, and write a book, when circumstances dictate that I should be earning an income.

However, if none of that had occurred (by essentially reacting to my rational thoughts, instead of the God-given ones) we would have simply relocated our Daughter, from one part of the world to another

There is an opportunity everyday to partner with God to walk by faith, and not by sight. These are opportunities to step out into the unknown and push the boundaries of our minds.

Friends, most days, nothing makes sense, but I have learnt to love the possibilities from this and to embrace the unknown because in doing so, we witness life-changing moments that would never have occurred if we had stayed in our comfort zone

Some of you are wrestling with similar possibilities as you read this, so this post is my encouragement to you

for we walk by faith, not by sight

2 Corinthians 5:7

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Rebecca Brand

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