Who Am I?

Over the past week, I have spent quality time with loved ones as we celebrated my birthday, Christmas, and prepared the vision for 2020, but there has been one question, or even statement, that people have asked, or spoken, over and over again, which was:

Who am I?

Whenever I heard this from others recently, it was in the context of God moving powerfully in their lives, and within their ministry.

It was like an unveiling of God intricately working out plans that He wrote about before time began, coming to pass…no surprise for Him…but for us, it’s moments of God’s goodness and grace, being poured out for all to see, and then us re-living those moments, as to who we were, for God to use us so powerfully?

Have you ever thought the same?

Friends, I want to encourage us today that we are the light of the world, and the apple of God’s eye. He sent Jesus to die, because He wanted to spend eternity with us!

I used to feel the same when God moved in my life…that miracle…regardless of whether it was in my ministry or personal life, I always asked the same question:

Who am I?

Until one day, God answered me, pretty much straight away with:


That has changed my whole perspective in this world, because when God answers my prayers, or I see things that I never thought possible, I no longer ask that question, but I thank God that He wanted me to partner with Him, in that part of His universal plan

Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?

We are a child of God…chosen…set-apart…and loved beyond measure, destined to change the world with Hope

So, as we head into 2020, I pray that we are no longer surprised when God moves powerfully within our lives, but more that we now ask Him, to do it again!

I also pray that our prayers become for God to use us, in a greater capacity than we could ever dream of, because, in the world that we live in today, it’s going to take us all to walk in the supernatural, to bring change, because the world no longer thinks that they need Jesus

God once told me to ”dream bigger.” Now, my dreams are so big, that I cry with anticipation of God unfolding the very dreams that He has placed in my heart

This next decade is going to be epic, and I can not wait for what is to come! But, I thank God for each one of you, because we all get to see God’s goodness unfold, one day at a time, together

2020 is the year of God’s clear vision becoming ours. Therefore, there will be no more surprises when God raises us up. But just, an increase of anticipation for what He will do next through us, as we partner with Him and say, ”Yes and Amen!”

“You are gods; you are all children of the Most High.”

Psalm 82:6

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Rebecca Brand

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