There is nothing quite like a Father’s Love, yet unfortunately, a good chunk of the world doesn’t understand what this even means, to have a Father, or to have one that even fulfils that role within their lives

Yet, this is one of the fundamental relationships of our lives. Despite what we think, our soul yearns to be loved and protected, because to know who we are within this world, allows us to either soar with confidence or to feel the shame of our identity

Psalm 40:11 reminded me this morning that we all have a Father who gave up His Son so that we may live. That even if we were the only son or daughter on this planet, Jesus would have died for us none the less.

Friends, God’s love and faithfulness to have us back in His arms, is unfailing. It’s continuous. Eternal.

Therefore, this morning, I felt to encourage us to remember that if God said it will be done, then it’s not ”if” it’s ”when Lord?” Be positive that if He did it before, then He’ll do it again!

Sometimes, the waiting can seem like a punishment or torture when a breakthrough is needed, but God does not act like an earthly Father could to us

We have to learn to wait patiently and realise that while we wait, we can still love God, serve others, and tell people about what He has done in our lives, so far, because the best is definitely yet to come

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