Beauty from Brokenness

Excerpt from ”Life’s Greatest Battles”

Kintsukuroi is a Japanese art form where broken pottery is mended with lines of gold filigree.

Mending the broken pot requires ability, patience, and loving hands of the crafter. The best thing about Kintsukuroi is that the gold strengthens the weakness and the result is stunning. In fact, it’s the brokenness that creates the ultimate strength and thus the beauty of the pot!

Imagine this with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We were created lovingly in the image of God to be uniquely ourselves. With God’s plan and purpose inside every one of us, yet ultimately we are broken due to the corruption of the world that destroys the original design for our lives. Without Christ’s redeeming love putting our lives back together over and over again, we can remain in that constant state of brokenness.

But just like me, when we receive His loving embrace and welcome His healing hands of grace, He re-creatively puts us back together again, one piece at a time. It is the golden strand of Christ’s restorative and redemptive love that holds us together. I know from my own life that when Christ restores, we are stronger than ever before.

If you are feeling the pain from what you are reading, then I want you to imagine what your life would look like if you saw your brokenness as a chance to grow strong in Christ. To be healed by His love and goodness, rather than merely as something you have to live with.

Can you imagine God using strands of gold to hold all of your brokenness together and then putting each piece into its rightful place? This is then showing not only your metamorphosis of complete beauty and restoration, but also knowing that the Holy Spirit is shining through every crevice of your heart, mind, and soul, radiating through every millimetre of your life for all to see.

I love this Scripture verse from the book of Daniel:

”Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens…” Daniel 12:3

Wisdom comes from transferring the control of your life from yourself to God because wholeness can only come from the One who is filled with unconditional love and unmerited grace.

We need to recognise our lives as overflowing with God’s goodness and beautiful design; where we understand God’s Kintsukuroi is holding us together.

– ”Life’s Greatest Battles” is out October 2019 (pre-orders start soon)

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Rebecca Brand

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