When God Triumphs

Honestly, I see very little difference between the Israelites back when they had no King (Judges 21) compared to the modern-day world

Humanity lives to have a voice

There’s even a demand for decisions, or our laws, to come from our thoughts and belief system.

We demand to be victorious over ”me, myself, and I” because apparently, it’s our human right

Humanism has created a desire for rules and regulations to be based upon our rationale, rather than that of deity

I know people who want God, and the eternal reward, but only as long as it doesn’t interrupt their happiness and plans for their lives. Their theology comes from a humanistic basis, and not the Word of God

Friends, since when has God said that relationship has no responsibility?

We become no better than the Israelites, when we seek freedom from our selfish desires – but then the world wonders why humanity is falling apart?

God wants us back in His arms

God is not knelt on one knee with His hands held out, no, He is kneeling, low in the dirt, with both His arms stretch out wide, calling us to Him. But, we are so transfixed with our desires, that we forget the One who put them there in the first place

God wants us, to see, that He alone repairs, rebuilds, and restores the ruins of our world

Yet, what’s most important to God, is bringing us back into a relationship of wholeness, where we ultimately believe that we can repair, rebuild, and restore the world around us, with God, guiding, and encouraging us, to run the race He has set before us

It’s time to let go of our own form of truth, and realise humanities perspective will never triumph over God’s

“In those days, Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.” Judges‬ ‭21:25‬

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Rebecca Brand

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