Who Do You Rely Upon?

It can be so easy to go through our day without a second thought to God, yet the question to us would then be:

Where is the reliance upon Him?

The Scripture in Psalms reminds us that, yes, we may have all that we need, but we will still need to rely on God to get us through the day, and not just on the things He has blessed us with!

God alone can preserve a nation, or an individual, and therefore, so many boast about the things they have because these people feel secure in ”stuff”.

Yet, David knew that true strength of his nation was not in weaponry, but in worship, and so understood that real power came from the LORD, and not in the ”stuff”.

Friends, we may have all that we need throughout life, or even lack major components within our every day lives to function, but continued confidence in God gives us eternal victory and ensures we keep our eyes firmly on Him

So as you go into today, let’s pray that we trust in God rather than the means we live by

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Rebecca Brand

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