When Church is Seven Days a Week

The church can be vibrant and active on any given Sunday, but we limit God when we feel that church is simply one day a week

How many of us continue to fellowship with other Christians during the other six days?

I was speaking to a friend the other day, and we discussed how society had lost its ability to have relationships.

This is because we go on the social media platforms and have ”friends,” yet we can then see these people at other events, or even in the supermarket, and we have no idea how to connect on a deeper level

It seems that unless we are looking at a screen, we can not strike up a conversation!

Yet, I yearn for every person to be connected into a small group of people who simply do life together. I’m not talking about our household, but the early church had it so right regarding meeting in people’s homes, because it then kept these groups relatively small, so that they remained intimate, therefore, not intrusive, and I believe, had the most significant impact on lives.

Friends, how are we supposed to do life together within a church of 100’s, 1000’s or even 100,000’s?

There are Pastors around the world, and also within the Mega Churches that believe the real church happens within these Groups.

Sunday’s should always be about coming together to worship God, and therefore, the challenge in many ways is transitioning the local church, not into buildings, but homes

”This letter is from Paul, a prisoner for preaching the Good News about Christ Jesus, and from our brother Timothy. I am writing to Philemon, our beloved co-worker, and to our sister Apphia, and to our fellow soldier Archippus, and to the church that meets in your house.” Philemon‬ ‭1:1-2‬

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Rebecca Brand

My hearts desire is for everyone to have an intimate relationship with Christ. To hear the voice of God and to experience His presence. Also, to help disciple others to discover their purpose within the body of Christ - through the power of the Holy Spirit.

My God-given dream is to break down barriers within life and the Church as a whole to strengthen and develop relationships within every denomination and bring unity - so that we will collectively raise up together and fulfil the Great Commission, within this lifetime.

I am living proof that no matter what your past was or whatever your life has become - God will use you to fulfil what He created you to do, when you step out in obedience and faith.